Undertaker's Streak

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by martyjannetty39, May 29, 2014.

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  1. I'm sorry but this won't be popular post. Let's be realistic for a moment here. The streak was/is nonsense. I am not taking anything away from The Undertaker. He is one of the top 5 wrestlers of all time. The streak really became it's own gimmick. It was cool for the first ten years, after that it was foolishness. The Brooklyn Brawler could have shown up for every wrestlemania and won, it's scripted for christ's sake. The Undertaker, technically, did not beat every one. He won by DQ against the Giant Gonzalez at WM8. Undertaker didn't beat GG, GG beat himself. Do not get me wrong Undertaker put on some of greatest matches ever at WM and every other PPV, but it's not like he was Joe Dimaggio going on a 56 game hit streak or an NFL RB rushing for 1000 yards for consecutive seasons. Yes, I agree it's a great accomplishment to wrestle all those WM's, but it's probably the most nonsensible record/streak in wrestling as well as sports history.
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  3. I am glad I could change one life.
  4. It wasn't booked as a streak at first but after a while they realized he hadn't been booked to lose at mania so it became one of manias selling points. If he were vaulted into the WM main event against Hogan in his first couple of years he would have lost and the streak may never have happened.
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  5. The whole idea of 'The Streak', a concept above the title that only gets defended once a year is/was awesome. And it's not like Taker didn't lose at other events, if you're annoyed that he is being overprotected or whatever.
  6. If you're going to make the whole "this is scripted" argument, then why do you watch wrestling in the first place?
  7. Undertaker wasn't as cool as Goldberg. Goldberg vs Scott Steiner was a real fight, right Vince Russo!
    :russo: RIGHT!
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  8. It wasn't nonsense. Undefeated streaks have been apart of wrestling since forever, and building a streak over the fact that someone has never been defeated at the premier event like Wrestlemania was pretty unique. I mean, we've seen people maintain winning streaks for matches in general, but never one for just one specific event. Sure, they didn't realize they had a streak on their hands until many years later, and it's certainly easier to maintain an undefeated record when you only have to defend it once a year, but still. It was also great that a persona like that of the Undertaker was the one who held the streak because Wrestlemania is supposed to be "The Showcase Of The Immortals", and who better to hold the Streak than a man whose gimmick is supposed to be someone who is literally/figuratively immortal?
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  9. Yeah I don't think it was nonsense either, especially since this wasn't the original plan.. I mean c'mon Undertaker knew he wasn't going to be able to last much longer why risk 1 years time and potentially risk further health issues so why not end it and by making it a badass brute like Lesnar like do it to make it that much more believable was pretty solid.Brock Lesnar was perfect to take down the streak on the Stage of the Immortals, he's pretty worthy IMO. Definitely one of the more intimidating people on the roster and one of the more likely candidates to have take down the streak.. Sure I would've preferred less time taken off but meh scheduling is scheduling I suppose.
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  10. I still think that Undertaker messed up and the WWE covered for him and went a long with it.
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  11. I do like how you claim that a DQ doesn't mean he beat him. In the rules of pro wrasslin' if someone gets disqualified the other person wins, therefore they beat them.
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