Underutilized Raw wrestlers.

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  1. Similar to the Smackdown one who do you feel to be underutilized on the raw brand?

    Firstly I'm going to see Santino Marella he's the total package with a goofy gimmick imo. He can connect with the audience, wrestle and cut an enjoyable promo. It's a shame he enjoys the comedy gimmick so much I can see him becoming a world champion with a big over haul.

    Brodus Clay would be my second choice. He has the mic to carry any feud as a heel. Plus his size and ring style make it very easy for the babyface to get sympathy. I personally would love him to be Ryders next feud let Ryder win by DQ at the rumble as Brodus makes his statement by roll up at EC then have Brodus win at mania in a 8 minute opener. In short get him on TV WWE.

    Drew McIntyre should also be featured alot more prominently. I can't recall many other people who can convey aggression as well as Drew. Many people compare Bobby Roode to the 2000 incarnation of HHH. I personally class drew as closer. The good thing is he is only very young so hopefully he gets more TV after paying his dues so to speak.

    My final choice would be R-Truth. I know he mainevented survivor series but both he and Miz felt like just tag alongs to the Rock / Cena feud. His in ring work isn't the best but I believe he could carry it on the mic like he did in his early run in TNA and the conspiracy angle. If treat seriously he could be a star.
  2. Agreed again. I'd debut Clay, but not push him into US title straight away. Because we can't have Zack lose, and if Clay destroys him & gets DQ'd and doesn't care about winning title it sort of buries the US Championship. I'd have him go on like a 9 match winning streak squash matches. Beat up a camera man or two or an announcer. Have him say he's bored, and then build up promos for "Clays big announcement". His announcement is, he reiterates what he said in NXT and he's taking out our hero's and Ryder is first. At EC you have him have a good match with Ryder but Clay losing his cool and focuses more on trying to injure Zack. Officials split it up, DQ for Clay thus Zack retains. Goes into WM and I wouldn't mind who wins. Be nice for Zack to have his wm moment, but will really solidify Clay so yeah, don't mind.

    Drew Mac impressed me at EC last year if you remember. He stole the show when there were some big names in his match (including Punk). Not seen many of his promos, so don't know if he could make it. I enjoyed his chosen one gimmick though.

    Can't see Santino being pushed but I understand and thought the same a while ago. He's so ever it's unreal, and the lad is generally funny as hell.

    As for R-Truth, I'd push him with the same gimmick but maybe include him for US title too. Too many heels in main event I think with Miz, Kane, ADR, etc. Maybe replace ADR with Truth, who knows, but you're right, he is talented. They pushed him too late, he's in his forties.

    For RAW I'd definitely want Alex Riley to be used better. He's got terrific mic skills, he's on Miz's level with that (that's saying something).He's so green though. He's a fantastic heel character, so it's difficult. I'd put him perhaps in US championship hunt at first before Clay takes over. Perhaps have triple threat. Dominant Clay, coward Riley and Ryder overcomes the odds. Writing this at 7:40am without sleep so cut me some slack :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Clay is kinda a problem with booking due to his physical size I can't see him being anywere but the top of the midcard instantly. The Clay DQ idea i was thinking of was have him try to destroy Ryder going with the Heroes idea plus I think having Clay brutalize Ryder in the corner would make it more personal then the normal me want title match , give Zack sympathy after being stretchered out and It would make Brodus look like the uncontrollable monster. Hell even have Clay attack a ref who is trying to seperate them like this*. Even have him cut a promo of how he wants to destroy the US title as he disagrees what it's become. Have a unification with the IC title and make a new championship or keep the IC title. Bring the cruiserweight title back on smackdown to replace the IC title.

    Riley i'm kind of half and half on the mic he's amazing as you say but his ring work requires alot to be desired plus he's been wrestling for at least 4 years and to be botching like he did at the rumble and then end of NXT is too much imo. Hopefully he turns heel and has a long feud with someone such as Seth Rollins who could teach him how to work more competently. Hell Ricky Steamboat is an agent isn't he? Have him work with Riley down in FCW for 6 months or so and if he still doesn't get it chop him.


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  4. Agree with all of that. Shame I really liked Riley, and thought the NXT botch would just be a one off.

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