Underutilized smackdown wrestlers.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Who do you think are underutilized members of the Smackdown roster and why.

    I'd say Justin Gabriel firstly he could be a great midcard high flying babyface. His look and style could get him over huge imo. Plus I'd love to see Gabriel vs Cody go for 10+ minutes for the IC title. He also has the aesthetically pleasing 450 splash I have ever seen.

    Secondly I'd say AJ, I know the divas divison is dead but I can see her getting over in a lita style way by adopting more lucha into her offense. She is a pretty good worker as she showed in FCW imo.

    My third suggestion would be very short term but William Regal. It's a shame people like Kane and Henry get a sympathy world title reign but Regal doesn't even get a match. No disrespect intended to both of them they entertained me to varying degrees with their reigns but Regal can out wrestle both of them and imo out promo them. Even a short term feud with Bryan just going to the rumble would be amazing.
  2. Definitely agree with first and last.

    They NEED to bring back Cruiserweight title. It gives credibility to those superstars who are just jobbers. Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kid, Sin Cara, Hunico, Rey Mysterio (to push the title again), Yoshi Tatsu (ugh), Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Primo, Epico, etc etc etc. You suddenly have credible superstars again.

    With Regal, he either deserves one last wrestling run, or a permanent commentary spot or postiion of power spot. I'd love to see one more Regal GM take over. Why not have Teddy Long attacked and off SmackDown for 2-3 months. Vince calls Regal, the only other man he knows who could fill in, to replace him. BAM Regal is GM and was all part of master plan :emoji_wink:.

    I could honestly care less about Divas devision, it's used for piss-breaks atm. It's sad though, they could do so much better. There best worker as champ was pinned within a minute by Alicia Fox. Nice booking.

    Kharma made it interesting for me though, hoping she returns.

    I think Wade Barret isn't being used properly. He should of had the title in Nexus. Nexus should of had all titles, and it shouldn't of ended so fast. Big mistake. Had a chance to redeem themselves with Corre, but that failed. Now give the guy the title quickly I say (though DB is champ now, big fan so even a feud would be great).