Kayfabe Undeserving Assault

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  1. Victor: Sometimes.... I think that these matches are a joke. Putting me up against opponents I can crush with just a flick of my finger.

    *Victor is backstage preparing for his match against The Scar, he is behind the curtain waiting to go on stage.*

    Victor: Play my music...

    *A staff member opens the curtain for Victor to go on, but is then suddenly ambushed by Rhys Haze and Tony Stark. They beat him down with hard hitting punches and kicks as Precision staff members attempt to separate them. Haze superkicks Victor Sokolov, and then hi fives Tony Stark before walking of.*

    Staff Member: Wrestler down! Re-schedule the match!

    *Victor is layed out on the floor, he is helped by the medical crew up to his feet but pushes them away.*

    Victor: What the actual fuck man.... you know what... I don't care. I'm going out there, I can beat this guy easily.

    Staff Member: False Call! Match is back on, prepare Sokolov music please!

    *Victors music plays once again, and he angrily storms through the curtain to the ring.*


    @Solarxpixel @The Anarchist

    I guess this is a way to get the Last Heroes kind of re-United.
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