Kayfabe Undisputed. (Death, Taxes and Diamond)

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    Joseph Diamond is still your Intercontinentlal Champion.
    After dispelling Jack Rogue with an Unbreakable Facebreaker (to the face!), the crowds boos faded and as Diamonds from Sierra Leone finished playing, Joseph Diamond remains seated in the corner, a position which he has been seated in since the referee called for the bell. Jack Rogue has only just started to stir. Diamond slowly begins to sit himself up, grabbing onto the ropes to help him get back to his feet. The referee, with Diamonds Intercontinental Championship already in hand, tries to help Diamond to his feet, but is shooed off by Joseph. After what feels like an eternity, Diamond makes it back to his feet under his own strength. Diamond then snatches his Intercontinental Championship from the ref, but he looks to immediately regret that decision as he quickly grabs his taped up shoulder and lets out a very manly yelp. The referee tries to assist Diamond out of the ring but is again shooed off by a very annoyed Joseph Diamond, before Diamond begins barking orders to the nameless ref.


    The still nameless referee (slightly begrudgingly) complies and quickly retrieves Diamond a mic from the time-keepers area. The carnage of the match still very evident, with the announce table still destroyed from the awe-some fall that Jack Rogue took through it, and a piece of the cell still laying outside the ring. The ref slightly trips on his way back, which gets a sensible chuckle out of not just the announcers but the sold out American Airlines Center as well. As all this is going on, ringside trainers begin helping Jack Rogue to the back. After making his walk of shame back to the ring, Diamond snatches the microphone from the ref in a similar fashion to earlier, except he didn't hurt himself this time (yay!). Diamond orders the referee to set the chair up for him, and he reluctantly does as Diamond asks. Diamond then orders the ref to leave the ring, and to not "fall on his ass on the way out". After he's through thoroughly humiliating that poor nameless referee, Diamond collapses onto the chair (in a form that would make the Posture Police wince), placing the Intercontinental Championship on his lap, and he begins to speak....slowly......

    Time and time again...I step into this ring and I leave everything I have in this ring, and time and time again you boo me.......

    The boys in the back, oh, they don't respect me. Oh no, because I got here a bit later than they did and because I fight smart I'm some kind of coward.

    They think because I didn't pin the champion to win this I don't deserve it. And the sad thing is, I can put myself through a match like this, where I'm doing it for all the right reasons. I'm putting myself through hell for my family. I fought clean, I fought fair. As always. And even after I beat Jack Rogu-
    A flurry of boos cut off Diamond, visibly upsetting him
    Yeah, that's right I BEAT Jack Rogue. And even though I beat him so bad that he can't even walk out of the ring under his strength, somehow I'm the coward.

    I beat Jack Rogue not because I'm a coward, or because I got lucky. I beat him because I am better than him. I am better than every single person that has faced me....

    And I guranteed you, that even after tonight, people will still act like I didn't earn this championship. MY CHAMPIONSHIP. Week...after week....after week, people have said to themselves "okay, this is the week where Diamond's gonna lose.", and week after week I have proven those people, YOU people, the voice in the back in my head telling me I'm not good enough wrong....
    I have shown every performer back there not only that I can hang, I can show every single one of them up on any given night. Even after I fell through Hell in a Cell, even after enduring EVERYTHING Jack Rogue threw at me, I could beat anyone back there right now and that's a fact.

    Joseph Diamond is finally able to bring himself back to his own feet, although he is still favoring his shoulder as he stands up. His look of anguish quickly terms into a look of determination, and Diamonds eyes go from glossy to lighting up with a fire only seen by firefighters (ha, get it, because firefighters...fight....fires, forget it), his stance straightens and he strings the Intercontinental Championship over the top rope, probably so he doesn't have to hold it anymore, that\s simply efficient.

    Joseph Diamond:
    Only three things are certain in life. Death, Taxes and Diamond. And if I have to personally get in each and every one of your faces to get you to understand why I am undefeated, why I am at the top of Precision, why I keep destroying your heroes. It's not because I'm a monster. It's not because my dad taught me how. It's not because I cheat. It's not because I keep getting lucky. It's because I am the BEST at this. I am a third generation superstar, but my granddad and my dad couldn't dream of reaching the heights I've reached. You may say I'm full of myself but that's simply not true. I just know how good I am, and I need everyone else to realize it.

    Week after week I've shown you what I can do. But maybe it's because I don't do moves off the ropes or dives outside the ring, maybe its because I know exactly how to get in my opponents head and I exploit each and every one of their weaknesses. Last week, I actually had the GM, Ryan Blake himself tell me to my face that I was an even bigger dick than Buster Gates. But what did I do to deserve such hostility? I won matches, and I won them with no doubts in anyone's minds as to who the better competitor was. I should be in the main event, I should be in the Elimination Chamber match for the Undisputed Championship. But I won't be, because apparently the age old sentiment of wins equals championships doesn't apply in this upside-down backwards world that we live in. I can't cash this in for an Undisputed Championship shot in spite of being the most successful European, Intercontinental, whatever other names its had champion in the history of Precision. I don't understand. And I know, and I'm sure all of you know, deep down, and I'm sure that even Rob knows that on my worst day I could still wipe the floor with Robert Blake.

    And so this....is my shout into the void, my message in the bottle. And I just want Ryan Blake to hear it, to hear me, to listen to my plea, for him to give me what I deserve. Give me...the undefeated sensation, me, Joseph Diamond, an Undisputed Championship match at WrestleDynasty. Any person you're going to put into that chamber is someone who I've beaten before, and no doubt someone who I can beat again. If anyone in this company has earned a shot at that title, it's me. Because, as I've told you a million times before, and I'll tell you a million more times if I have to. I am undefeated, I am unbeatable, I am the Intercontinental Champion. I am the UNCROWNED UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. I AM THE FACE OF THIS COMPANY. I AM THE OLD PRINCE. I AM THE UNBREAKABLE ONE. I AM JOSEPH DIAMOND.

    And in case you didn't already know. Diamond. Is forever.

    Diamond grabs the Intercontinental Championship from the top rope, once again aggravating his shoulder, and as he goes to roll out of the ring, a noticeable limp begins to emerge, and as he walks down the ramp and backstage, a number of trainers run out to try and assist Diamond, but he refuses any of their help, as Diamond makes his way back, he puts the Intercontinental Championship around his waste and begins to favour his right shoulder. He slowly and triumphantly walks to the back, as Kanye Wests soulful production fills the arena for the third time in the night. He may not be 100%, but Joseph Diamond is still your Intercontinental Champion.

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