Kayfabe Undun. (Part 2/2)

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  1. A video begins to play on the titantron of a cell phone video, showing an altercation in Ryan Blake's Reag "The Master" Master's office between the interim GM, Joseph Diamond and his wife SLASH lawyer Kristen Diamond. The video conveniently starts before the conversation has even begun, that is one on-the-ball cameraman.

    Joseph Diamond: Now, Reag, I know you're a very busy man, but an injustice has taken place and since Ryan Blake outright refused to help me, I need your help to undo this injustice and to make things right again. Last week, I was not medically cleared to compete, I could barely walk, my right arm was pretty much useless. My doctors ordered that I didn't compete last week, and as my lovely wi-lawyer will show you, this could be a P.R. nightmare for this company.

    Kristen Diamond: If you look here, Mr. Master, you will clearly see that my husb-, Mr. Diamond was not medically cleared to compete, and as a result, putting him in a match against an opponent as ferocious and dangerous as Buster Gates simply shouldn't have been allowed. Now due to the injuries Mr. Diamond suffered to his ribcage and shoulder at your most recent Pay-Per-View event, he was unable to emerge from this match victorious. This is a travesty not only for the injustice of Mr. Diamond losing his, as he has put in the past "undefeated tear" due to losing in a match he was not eligible to compete in, and that Buster Gates now has a chance to move to the main event of your next Pay-Per-View event because he beat an injured man.

    Joseph Diamond: However, all will be forgiven if you agree to these terms; last weeks match, my so called "loss" to Buster Gates. Never happened, erase it from the history books. Next week, I get the night off so I can properly prepare myself for my title defense at WrestleDynasty. And lastly, you will pay full expenses for a new Joseph Diamond branded scarf to be made.

    Kristen Diamond: And if you don't....we will sue you and this company for every nickel you've got left until your lying six feet under with the remains of Sony Storm.


    Kristen Diamond: I'm glad we were able to come to an agreement, now if you'll just sign here, and here we'll be on our way, and it has been a pleasure speaking with you, Mr. Master.


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