Unexpected Botch

Discussion in 'RAW' started by The Wolf Said Poofy, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Looks like it was ziggler's cue to break it up, he didnt get there in time, and hence the botch happened, del rio should have kicked out to prevent the botch, it was a good piece overall, i liked the singles and tag team piece, but the end is botchamania worthy.
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  2. Indeed, Ziggler was late. That was clearly a three count.
  3. Didn't watch the whole match so I didn't see.


    Ziggler doesn't botch.
  4. It really looked like he forgot his cue there.

    Isn't "unexpected botch" a pleonasm? :hmm:
  5. Um well not for me it isnt a pleonasm, i was surprised that there was a botch, sometimes you can be more lenient considering maybe there are two in ring performers who tend to botch, or if the match is not going well in the first place, but the reason i wrote it was unexpected was because one, del rio should have atleast been a bit aware incase there was a mistake and ziggler shouldnt have lost his cue, a very easy one at that.

    Its unexpected because the match was going so well that i didnt think theyd lose concentration on what they were doing too easily, and the botch was out of order considering the circumstances imo, that is why for me, it was unexpected to see them botch THAT, THEN, and THERE.

    I could expect a shooting star press or something hard to pull off, to end up botch and i do as a matter of fact, but not this :emoji_grin:

    @ Crayo, he was supposed to break it up, you should look at the thing again, del rio would have kicked out other wise but he trusted ziggler.

    see ziggler arrives half a second after 3 is said, unless that was his cue he wouldnt have gotten in there.

    Actually ref gave him that half a second as he refused to let his hand tap the mat, and the crowd knew that there should have been a winner because of the count, lol.
  6. Yeah, good point.
  7. Ziggler didnt botch. He steals the show every damn night
  8. He didn't botch, for once he just made it more exciting. Even BLFFL sees sense :true:
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  9. BLFFL knows her stuff.
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