Kayfabe Unforgiving. (War Ready!)

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  1. In the lead-up to his Hell in a Cell match with Jack Rogue, precision.com ran a mini-documentary on Joseph Diamond's journey to Hell in a Cell, his family's heritage, the Diamond Family mansion and whether he's prepared for his first Hell in the Cell match.

    Joseph Diamond stands outside of his Vancouver mansion, wearing a surprisingly everyday attire. He's almost dressed like a normal person.

    Joseph Diamond: We rolling? Alright, cool. Hello, faithful viewers. I'm here in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, the most beautiful town you will ever lay your eyes upon. And this, this is my not-so-humble abode. This is the Diamond Mansion. And it is where me and my brother were trained by our father, and where our father was trained by Grandpa Diamond. Now my father left this house to me when he rode off into the sunset and moved to Florida. The basement has been renovated into a state of the art personal gym, and I could go on and on about how spectacular it is, but it would be much easier to just show you.

    Terra Blaze writes, The Diamond Mansion basement is one of the most absurdly impressive things I have seen in my life. Flat screen TV's, wrestling rings, absurd amounts of workout equipment. Outside of the extraordinary "personal gym" as Diamond would call it, there is an entire other half that looks like your ordinary (very, very) upper class basement. A home theater, a speaker system which takes up an entire wall. Theres a collection of cassettes, VHS tapes, and a plethora of retro gaming consoles. Diamond seems a touch stuck in the retro-zone.

    The interview now transfers into an interview-style segment, taking place in the Diamond Family basement. The normal half, not the absurd gym half.

    Terra Blaze: So Joseph, I can't help but notice the surprising collection of music and movies you have. But what throws me off is your use of what some might consider an...outdated viewing and listening methods.

    Diamond: It's always been an obession of mine, all the old music and movies. It's how I was brought up. The first album I ever bought was on cassette, and it is sitll in my collection to this day. Run-DMC. Tougher Than Leather. Fantastic record. Every night before I go out, I still play the title track to get me in the zone. And it hasn't let me down so far, has it? But it's not as if I'm out of touch with reality, I'm still a product of the 90s, I understand how everything works, this kind of stuff is just more fun to display, I feel. I can't really show the music library I have on my phone, can I?

    Terra Blaze: I suppose not, but switching gears for a second. Can we can talk about your match this Sunday with Jack Rogue and what that match means to you?

    Diamond: Now I understand that Jackson is working through some stuff right now, he's basically owned by Andersen Vega. He's pretty much his slave. I don't care about that. It doesn't concern me, why bother worrying about it. But the second he and Vega aimed their targets at me, send me to the hospital and they destroyed a piece of Diamond family Memorbilia, something that has been passed down and passed down to different members of my family, that is when I take notice and that is when I make it my personal mission to make an example out of them. I need to show my daughters that they need to be proud of who they are. Proud of where they came from. And really, this house is everything we as Diamonds strive for; greatness. And every single Diamond that has stepped into a squared circle has achieved greatness. My father, a former world champion, achieved greatness. My brother, although he split to go teach english at a public school, did achieve greatness. My grandfather, an ALL TIME GREAT, stories are still told today about the Diamond One and his reign of terror over the south.

    But this match against Rogue means everything to me. Not just to make my family proud. But to prove once and for all to everybody in the back that I earned this. Can I vent for a moment, Terra?

    Terra Blaze: Do what you've got to d-

    Diamond: I beat The Scat. It's a lucky win. Nothing to get used to. I beat MY OPPONENT at Hell in a Cell, Jack Rogue. Circumstantial. I get put into the Summerslam match for the European Championship. He'll never be able to beat Andersen Vega or Tony Stark. But then I did. And the boys in the back just said that I didn't deserve it. So I threw their piece of trash belt where it belongs. In the trash. And the Iron Man Champion thinks that he should interject himself into MY ceremony, celebrating MY championship victory, and MY unveiling of MY new Intercontinental Championship. Saying that I don't deserve this belt. So I treated him with the disrespect he treated me. I take him out of the equation entirely. He gets counted out.

    But still, unproven rookies like Mike Thunder come out and try to prove that I'm all hype. That my, at that point, four win streak were all just accidents. But then I took his words and shoved them back down his throat. Five and undefeated. After I dismissed Mike Thunder, I thought I was done for the night. I was going to drive back here and maybe catch some Friends re-runs. But what happened was Andersen Vega got his little lapdoll Jack Rogue to superkick me from behind, and he decided to leave me with a mild concussion and a brusied rib for my pleasure. If I wasn't in this business, that would be called assault. But in this business, Vega got a match out of it. And he also got a broken face from an Unbreakable facebreaker. The move is called that for a reason, Terra. It's because it breaks peoples faces. You get that?

    Terra Blaze: Yes Joseph, I got tha-

    Diamond: Good, good. But the issue is, I can win all these matches, I can beat literally everyone placed in front of me, and still, everyone will continue to doubt me. Saying I'm the same as I was on Storm. I'm not the same superstar, I'm not the same man. I am more aggressive and more successful than I could've hoped to be on Storm. Just look at my record on Precision. You've got the numbers with you, right Terra?

    Terra Blaze: Yes, you're five and on-

    Diamond: Yes, I'm six matches into my career on Precision and I've got six wins to show for it, but based on how I'm treated, you never would've guessed. Even the GM's want to see me fail. Did you see what he was tweeting earlier this week? Regardless of if I retain my championship against Jack, I have a three week gauntlet. Week one, Buster Gates. A man who has done literally nothing of significance in the last two months, other than no showing, of course. Week two, Andersen Vega. The man who I literally beat last week. And Week three. Mister big bad himself, Robert Blake. Duel world champion, but he's never beat Joseph Diamond, and let me clue you into something. He's never going to beat Joseph Diamond.

    So at WrestleDynasty, whether I walk in Intercontinental Champion or not, I guarantee I will be walking out champion. And nobody will dispute me then. But this Sunday, I guarantee that I will be walking out Intercontinental Champion, and Jack Rogue. Well. He'll be lucky to be walking out at all.

    OOC (open)

    This promo is kind of an off week for me, so I decided to just do some story arch building for Diamond. Personally I think it turned out only okay, and I feel like things are really going to pick up after this week.
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