Unifying the US & IC titles

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Dec 26, 2013.

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  1. WWE Talks To Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose About Unifying the US & IC Titles

    Looks like this is going to happen as part of Langston's push. Just lol.
  2. If they do it they should do it post-mania. If they do it leading up to mania it will be overshadowed by other matches.
    Do it post mania, then introduce another singles belt for lower carders after that (hello euro belt)
  3. They better keep the intercontinental or I will flip cars.
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  4. I'll flip cats. :troll:
  5. OH HELL NO! :mad2:
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  6. If they do this they also need to do some serious work on the US belt. Ambrose hardly defends it as it is and it is hardly mentioned in anything other than passing whilst they seem to be putting a lot of focus on the IC belt now. And Big E always talks it up when he has the mic now, which brings attention to the belt.
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  7. At this point though they might as well combine the two and just have the IC belt. Since there is no attention at all being paid to it, it makes no sense to even have the US belt. I for one never understood why there was an IC belt and a European belt back in the day.

    Although one thing that might help overall is if the WWE actually spent more time making their belts and their champions more noteworthy. There is way too much time being spent on all the storylines and alternate storylines. Where have all the PAYOFFS gone to?
  8. I'm fairly certain they'll unify the titles.

    Think about it, Big E and Dean already have history. That match they had previously was a fucking slobberknocker. Langston still might have that scar on his eye from it.

    Big E vs Ambrose to unify the IC and US straps would be a big match, one that might wait until WrestleMania.
  9. I'm all for it. Personally, I think that since wwe is basically all one roster, there should be one major title, one minor, one for the tag team division, and a divas title.
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  10. I'll flip birds :finger:
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  11. WWE>WHC>IC>US.. that is correct, right?? if so, they should keep both, but let some mid-carters and the under-carters duke it out for the US title.. let them have something to strive for imo
  12. They wouldn't lose the IC Title. That's like dropping the WWE title for the World title. It's not even up for discussion.
  13. Why get rid of the United States belt only to reintroduce a belt that has less prestige and history?

    I'm personally hoping against this personally. I think it's beneficial for the midcard to have two singles championships (though not a necessity by any means.) If they do go right ahead with it though, I have no doubt it'll be done on Raw. It may seem like a waste but they rushed the big world title unification to a B-PPV with only a three week build, so expect them to do even less for this. Plus, they wasted away the unifications of the IC/European and IC/Hardcore titles on Raw back in '02 as well. With Langston recently feuding with The Shield, I could see them going ahead and getting this out of the way before the Rumble even happens.
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  14. Touche.
  15. The US title COULD be that lower-carder belt, no?
  16. Yes.
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  17. Yeah, the IC title, even though lately hasn't been that big of a deal, has too much history and meaning to do away with
  18. Pat Patterson, muthafuckas. I love that dude. Any time he's on Legends of Wrestling on WWE Classics it's a must watch. Either Patterson, JR, or Slaughter are all must-watch episodes.
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