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Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Roadster, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Now, though I was away from the States for a while, I still kept up with the news. So basically, Hilary Clinton has it in the bag, as far as I'm concerned about the democrats . I don't find much wrong with her, except she's known for doing stupid things. And anyways does anyone even know who else is running from the Democrats? I mean seriously, Willie Carter? The fuck does this guy think he is saying Jesus told him to run for the Presidency of the United States. That's my opinion anyways.

    Which leads me to the republicans . I've always had a fear of rich, conservative, white guys with a lot of power. But, Donald Trump scares the shits out of me. I have yet to hear anything serious come out of the fuckers mouth. I would rather have George Bush III be the nominee than this guy. The guy has legit lost his mind since running for the nomination. He believes most Mexican immigrants are rapists. We should have taken all of Iraq's oil, so ISIS had to pay interest on it's Hotel project. He can beat China. That he'd invite Obama to his golf courses in 2016 when Obamacare takes full effect. He'll be the best jobs president god ever created. And, that a wall will go up to put Mexico in line? The guy is a crazy fuck.

    Give your opinions, on the race.
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  2. Well, in the Democrat side we also have Bernie Sanders and maybe Joe Biden (he is undeclared), although it's unlikely they will be able to take the nomination away from Hillary. I am a bit biased because I am actually a big Hillary Clinton fan, but putting that aside, it would still be very difficult for either of these guys to take it away from her. Here's a list of all the Democrats running right now. http://2016.democratic-candidates.org/

    Donald Trump has little chance of actually winning the election. I think any of the three democrats would defeat him easily. I am not sure if he's delusional or what, but he rarely addresses questions directly and he had alienated a large portion of the electorate. Since 2000, the Latino vote has been very important to the Republicans and he has shot himself in the foot there. However, I will say that Trump has been the most entertaining thing about this election.

    In all honesty, I think Trump is going to end up being the Ross Perot of this election. Although he is leading the Republicans right now, I honestly do not see him getting the nomination. If he doesn't, I think it is very likely he will run as a third party candidate, which will hurt Republicans more than Democrats. He almost seems like a shill for the Democrats, but I don't think Trump's ego would allow him to be a shill. He has to be the main guy and he really believes he can do this.

    Honestly, I don't like any of the Republicans running, but I would have to say that the best one in my mind has to be John Kasich. I really liked him at the Republican debate. Rand Paul is too idealistic. People that vote for him believe he'll be able to eliminate taxes, but the same people will complain when they have to give up what those taxes pay for. Marco Rubio puts his foot in his mouth a lot, making really inaccurate and poorly researched claims. Like saying that this country was founding on the slogan "In God we Trust," which was actually a slogan that came to be the country's motto in 1956. And no, I don't really think that's a big deal, not knowing that, but he really should make sure he has his facts straight before saying something. Ted Cruz is as crazy as Trump. Chris Christie is trying too hard to be like Trump. Ben Carson is an asshole. Huckabee is a homophobe who is portraying himself as a theocrat.

    I have little problem with Jeb Bush, as much as it pains me to admit that. But I don't want him as president. I pretty much tow the party line and surprise surprise, I've been a registered Democrat for 22 years. The only way I am not voting for Hillary is if she doesn't get the nomination. Yes, I know she has baggage, but every single candidate in this election does.

    I should add though that I am just posting my thoughts and I am not going to get into a political debate with people who disagree with me. Nothing said here is going to change my mind about Hillary Clinton. I have been a fan of hers even before Bill Clinton got elected and that's not changing after 25 years. Plus politics can be a stressful thing to talk about and usually WWEForums is a place I go to post and be away from stress. And I respect that we have different opinions.
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  3. Anybody who supports Hillary have been following politics for fifteen minutes in total. She's a criminal. It's amazing how retards will vote for anything with a Democrat sticker slapped on it. She makes neo-cons look like European Liberals.


    Deporting illegals: check
    Anti political correctness: check
    Cashing: checks
    Obama status: FIRED

    I know he's a meme. I know that. But I'm team Trump. Who else am I gonna like? One of those Wall Street puppets (the rest of the GOP minus Rand, Hilldawg)

    Bernie's unelectable because socialism and freedom and Five Guys Burger n' Fries.

    can't stump the trump
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  4. I'm been following politics over twice as long as you've been alive. Your claim about Hillary being a criminal actual shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. It has been established over and over that it was not illegal for her to use the personal email account for State department email. It wasn't illegal when she did it, it wasn't illegal when both Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice did it... and both of them admittedly did it. Hillary is just being singled out because no Republican stands up to her in the polls and they have to trash her in order to get some momentum.

    And if you're referring to the Benghazi bullshit, she was already found to be not at fault by a Republican House led investigation.

    Now, I agree with you completely on Sanders. Most of my more liberal friends come down on me for saying he is unelectable, but you are right. But he is still beating your choice, Donald Trump in head to head matchups.

    You lose every ounce of credibility when you have to result to calling people "retards" simply because they disagree with you. It also explains why you would support someone like Donald Trump, who in case you haven't noticed, is BEATEN in the polls by Bernie Sanders. Trump's unfavorability rating makes Clinton's look favorable. He has no chance of becoming president of this country, a fact I will remind you of when it comes to pass.

    I tend to vote Democrat because not simply because the person is a Democrat, but because I generally feel the Democrat is the better choice. I research every candidate and I am one of the most informed voters you'll ever know. I have voted for Republicans, as I voted for Republicans for Illinois Governor twice over that moron Rod Blagojevich and Mark Kirk for Senator.

    You need to educate yourself a lot more on the subject before you have the right to call anyone a "retard."

    And I know I said I wasn't going to get in to a debate, but you're obviously taking a few swipes at me since I was the only person who said they supported Hillary. And I'm not going to sit here while some uneducated supporter of the most idiotic presidential candidate out there calls me names that are obviously more indicative of himself.
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  5. See I appreciate the long post and the response but the retard + the Trump mixtape cover should indicate that it was a shitpost. I see no reason for a Democrat to vote for Hillary. She's not even a Democrat, she isn't female Bill. I don't support Trump fully (I prefer Rand's tax plan over his, if it's the same as the book he came out with) but I like what he stands for as an outlier, an independent in the sea of bought politicians. As someone who leans right I don't support Sanders.


    She broke the law. She was at the least negligent during Benghazi. I also don't trust her after reading some of Clinton Cash. She comes off to me as a sociopath with nobody but herself on her "best interests" list. I also think she's a tad bit fucked reputation wise. Other Demo's don't like her. If she can get beat by epicblackmanoutofnowhere.gif in 2008, which was supposed to be her year, I think she can get beaten by the 70 year old grandson of Vladimir Lenin.
  6. I love it when I don't even have to respond directly to someone's post because the post itself proved everything I said to be completely accurate.
  7. Whatever man. I'm all ears...or, eyes, if you want to educate me on an issue. But you can be a smug **** if that's what you'd rather do. No big deal.
  8. Swing Car is portraying Trump really well. This thread is exactly how his run for president is going.
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  9. Were you out of the country the past couple of months or just follow big media news outlets? Hillary Clinton is losing favor-ability by each passing poll. Dropping in each poll as well. Now only leading by 19 points, against Bernie Sanders.
    "Among 358 registered voters who identified as Democrats or leaning Democratic, 47 percent said they would vote for Clinton in a primary, while Sanders picked up 29 percent." Last month, "In the same poll last month, Clinton picked up 56 percent to Sanders’ 19 percent". That's a big gain in one month, especially since there hasn't been a single DNC debate yet, and Bernie is no slouch when it comes to debating (neither is Hillary though). Did I mention that he has gotten some of the highest crowds at his rallies this early IN HISTORY? 15k in Seattle, 28k in Portland (had a gigantic overflow crowd), 27k in Los Angles. Just recently had 4k in Reno. Who else was in Nevada that day? Hillary, who was in a bigger city of Vegas. Who had the bigger crowd at their rally? You can figure that out.

    Bernie is also doing this without corporations and such. Most of his campaign money has come from small donors. You can find numbers with a quick google search. In fact, 80.7% were from small donors. Labour Unions are also a big donor in his campaign.

    Also it's good to mention, that it's not just Liberals who are in support of Bernie, it's even people from the Right Wing. Bernie is a real breath of fresh air, who actually has more thought beyond his policies then "Build a big wall and make Mexico pay for it". Once Bernie's name get's more recognition from the debates, Hillary's numbers amongst minorities will surely drop (Fun Fact: Bernie was a big part in the Civil Right's Movement, organized a lot of sit-ins and even was present at MLK's "I have a dream" speech).

    Bernie has stayed consistent with his message through his 25 year career as a politician. Go back and his videos of him from his time in senate or such from 10, even 15 years ago. The message is the same. He doesn't "evolve" on his opinions on gay marriage. He's had this message his entire career, and millennials and such want to get rid of money in politics, get rid of big banks, etc. People can't trust Hillary, they can trust somebody who has stayed the same his entire life. He isn't somebody who will change his policies because of some corporation donating. For more info on his stances, http://feelthebern.org/ is a great site to give a quick rundown

    A simple google search will show you that Bernie is winning (and most likely will win) New Hampshire since it is very liberal, something Hillary is not. He also drew the biggest crowd at the Iowa State Fair, enough to block the exits. Hillary was there, Donald was there. (Bernie out polled all GOP candidates, only losing by 4% to Hillary, who he was leading at the start).

    Hillary doesn't have it in the bag, just like she didn't have it in the bag in 2008. We were much better off for that as well.
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  10. Besides the fact that Bernie isn't anywhere close to be left wing enough to be a Socialist, let alone Communist. He is a Social Democrat. In fact, put him in any European country and he would be considered moderate. The GOP has gone so far right, that the Democrats looks like Socialist for doing basic things such as heath care and public education.
  11. That was satire. He says he's a Democratic socialist and I agree 100% he's a moderate by Scandinavian standards. The Lenin was a shot at the thing that's a part of Americam culture, they hate anything socialist or even NEAR socialist so to me he is unelectable.
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  12. Voting doesn't real.
  13. Trump is ruining his chance, the voters might like him but just about everyone in the GOP doesn't.
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  14. Marco Rubio or Chris Christie will win the GOP nomination. And I'd suspect whoever wins will offer to name the other as their VP nominee.

    And post-WWII history teaches us that the Republican candidate will likely win the election (barring a Trump third-party run...I guess it depends on how seriously he takes the pledge he signed), which makes it even more important that we have a GOP nominee who isn't insane (Trump) or just plain terrible (Walker, Pataki, Graham). It's notable that, since Eisenhower's election in 1952, only once has the same party won 3 presidential elections in a row (1988 - VP George Bush won the election over Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis), and I don't know that the electorate's viewpoint on the Parties is strong enough to break that trend. I don't think it is, but, hey, it's politics.

    I've got a soft spot in my heart for Bobby Jindal (I honestly have no idea why), but I don't see him having a real shot at winning the nomination. I could, however, see him as a dark horse for the VP nomination, especially if a Chris Christie or John Kasich were to get the nomination (southern conservative governor who wouldn't mind being the "attack dog"...plus it's hard for the folks to go after the GOP as "anti-minority", which is an asinine charge to begin with, when one of your national nominees is a first-generation citizen whose parents are from India). I also wouldn't count out Ted Cruz. There's no way he should have won the Senate nomination in Texas. He basically came from nowhere to win the nomination, then the election (admittedly not a hard thing to do when you're the Republican nominee in Texas).

    Lindsey Graham's running to be Secretary of Defense, Pataki to be Secretary of the Treasury. Many of these folks are just hoping to be part of the next Presidential Administration. Come to think of it, Trump would be a terrific Postmaster General. If he can make money in the USPS, I'll be thoroughly impressed.

  15. Has Trump come out to the Million Dollar Man theme yet?
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  16. No, but I'm still waiting for it.

  17. Chris Christie doesn't have a chance, Marco Rubio or Ben Carson seem to be the most likely candidates. Rubio is one of the few GOP runners who doesn't seem too right wing for the general public. Carson because, well you know. Everyone else either doesn't have the name recognition or is just too crazy to win a general election (looking at you Huckabee and Cruz).

    But I just can't see the GOP winning the White House. Not with who they are running. While I understand trying to base the point off of past elections, and going off 2014 mid terms (which isn't a good idea since the Democrats aren't even aware of mid terms in most cases). I'm not saying the Democrats have it on lock, just in the most likely scenario they will win. Hope to god they do since the Supreme Court Justices needed to be appointed and I can't fathom having anyone in the GOP appoint them.

    Yes, I am biased as hell since I lean heavily left, and it isn't like if Hillary doesn't win it's a shoe in for the GOP either. Bernie Sanders is polling around the same or equal to Hillary and Biden against possible GOP opponents in the General. This is going to be a much more entertaining election than 2012 or 2008, as long as Trump doesn't win.
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  18. Rubio for president...
  19. At this point Rubio stands the best chance, I believe, of beating the Democrat. However I'm extremely confident that the Democrats will keep the White House. However, I assume it will likely be a one term Democrat. The, population gets way too impatient with keeping one party on top.

    While I agree with Waco about the history, other aspects point to a Democratic win. There's a concept called the 13 keys to the White House that studied all the aspects of every election from 1860 to 1984 and found 13 traits that seem to decide which party will take the White House. It has successfully predicted every election since, including 2000 when they predicted Gore would get the popular vote and Bush would get the White House.

    Normally I wouldn't give a whole lot of credence to these things, but in 89 Bush was trailing Dukakis by 17 points and the keys predicted a Bush win. Bush had an overwhelming approval rating when it predicted a Democrat would take the White House in 1992. So it seems to have an unmarred track record. This election it is predicting a Democrat victory.

    Now personally, I make no bones about it, I'm a liberal Democrat. BUT honestly I'm excited about this election either way because it just seems so up in the air. I like a little suspense in my politics.

    My guess at this point is Rubio and Clinton with Clinton winning. But either way,.I'm excited for it. The last presidential election was really boring so I expect this one to be more interesting.
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  20. Not attacking your opinion, but I'm curious as to why?
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