United States Championship?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Santino Marella has been United States Champion for 139 days now, and I think he's defended it twice. I know Santino is over with the fans but does he really need this title?

    What do you think should happen to the U.S title? Who would you like to see given a push for it?

  2. Riley, Kidd, Ryback, Gabriel or Slater.

    That's my list for US Championship candidates.
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  3. Kidd


  4. Yeah, I heard they are going to be defending IC more regularly on Raw, and US title on Smackdown, I think Riley would be a good candidate and it would give him the push he so desperately needs.
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  5. Tyson needs more build, after a potential feud with Tensai which Kidd goes over makes it more plausible. Slater works as a fluke champion, leading to Ryback destroying him after he feuds with some more established guys.
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  6. Really hope they will defend and switch title holders more often like Hardy and Nitro did with the IC title on Raw.

    That was so, so sexy. :tyson: :sweet: :fap: :yay:
  7. Honestly, I forgot that Santino was the US champion and I had not even thought about the belt in a while. Guess that shows how important it is at the current moment. Santino is okay, but I do think the next time he defends the belt it will be to lose it. Santino is best to come out and give comedic relief, not hold a title.
  8. I completely agree Heather, the US title has such little prestige at the moment it's not even defended on pre-shows.
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  9. But when Cody Rhodes had the IC champ, I don't remember him defending it much, either. Am I not remembering right? I have been feeling that both belts have been getting the shaft as of late and it is too bad. I am glad, however, to see that the Tag belts are starting to mean something again (what with having an actual tag division, not just two random guys teamed up all the time).
  10. I say Santino needs to lose that belt to someone like David Otunga who needs a push, or change the title, or just get rid of it. Either way, Santino does not need that belt.
  11. i remember everyone loved when he first won it :((
  12. I didn't mind when he won it, but I never thought he would have it for more than a week or two. XD
  13. This is what I was doing to my TV when he won it :finger:
  14. Moved to RAW. The US title is a complete joke. Turn Riley heel and have him revamp that.
  15. I like the idea, even Riley as a face could do a better job than what Santino is doing.
  16. I'd be tempted to give it to Ryback soonish. They need to build a credible heel as champion - Riley is a perfect candidate - and have them hold the title for 200+ days before Ryback goes over them and the heel can move onto bigger things. Like Rhodes and Ziggler should've done.

    The only issue with this is how do they make Ryback lose it? Maybe Aries style with the chance at a bigger title if he sacrifices his current one?

    Oh and maybe Ambrose - though I think he could probably be above it if they debut him correctly.
  17. It'd be boring to watch Ryback squash US title contenders weekly if I'm honest. Unless he's heel, or tweener.
  19. Yeah but how else are they gonna build him up? If he's gonna be squashing midcarders weekly anyway, he might as well do it while giving the belt credibility.
  20. Ambrose stealing the titles and breaking it would be a cool story to go. Ambrose can then introduce a new revamped US title not dragged down by the amounts of fail that has sippered into the old one.
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