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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Harley Quinn, May 14, 2013.

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  1. United States Wrestling is a new wrestling company The location is in Dallas, Texas in a local reinvented arena downtown. It is a small company due to barely starting, thus shows will be held in Dallas until we get enough people to sign up and fans.​
    This is a promo battle company, which means you create your own character, add your own music, even make your own titantron and add your own videos. Importing your character from IWT, or any other EFed is fine, just make sure to copy and paste their information on this thread.​
    USW takes place every Wednesday. The people doing the promos will be scheduled to fight, and will have until 8 O'Clock Western time to finish. Once it's 8 voting will begin. Voting will end in 24 hours, and whoever has the most will become the winner.​
    This is a Kayfabe company, which means everything will be kayfabe unless you use the prefix, "OC". And please, no biased voting, vote on who the best was at their promos.​
    There will be a backstage thread, a out of stadium thread, and even a training room thread. You can also make your own kayfabe website as a thread.​
    For right now there is one belt, the United States Heavyweight Championship. We will begin our first show on the 22nd if we gather enough people. Remember, anybody is welcome.​
    My character will be the one from IWT, which his name is Farooq and his gimmick is a smart face.​

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