United vs City Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. Giggs starts instead of Cleverley... AND ASHLEY YOUNG STILL STARTS?!

    Welback plays which is good, but Kagawa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Young.
  2. Isn't the title all but decided?

    who cares
  3. 650 million United fans care.
  4. Why though. You win you get the title. You lose, you get the title.
  5. bragging rights sticking with 0-0
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  6. Bragging rights lol.

    City Fan: Hahaha we beat you
    United fan: Uh, we are winning the title bro
    City fan: :okay:
  7. It's a derby. It'd be important if we were both mid table even.

    I think 2 2 is realistic.
  8. Tonight's crowd is like a Chicago crowd. Smarks galore.
  9. Still though, how is it for bragging rights when they clearly can't do much bragging even if they win? Will Man U fans really cower in fear of seeing City fans because they lost h2h when United are getting the hardware?

    I can't really relate to playing games at the end of the season when a champ is decided because American sports all have playoff systems.
  11. Not at the game? :pity: I thought you being a plastic real supporter thought you'd be there.
  12. Again no Garcia? :dafuq:

    Garcia > Barry
  13. Go away dolph. If you don't get how it's bragging rights then simply Google it or something lol. I dont know how you don't understand it though. Anyway!!

    City playing better so far, I'm still pleased with our performance so far.
  14. Giggs has offered nothing. It's like we have 10 men.
  15. Young has actually been great so far tbh.
  16. Ref is fucking weird.. So many bookings, weird end of the 1st half...:hmm:
  17. So many bookings? Think two players got booked. End of the first half was fine lol.
  18. We concede BECAUSE OF GIGGS. Argh, fuck sake, CLEVERLEY >>>>>>>>
  19. What a boring match so far.
  20. Lol ikr ^

    Giggs off for Kagawa please, or Cleverley.
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