United will buy Fellaini

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Save this thread. Called.
  2. Didn't you also call they'd sign Moura?
  3. If United buy Fellaini I will remove him from my dream team in January.
  4. No lol. I'm fucking pleased we didn't get Moura. I called we'd get Kagawa, I lol'd at the rumour about RVP :emoji_slight_frown:, and I called getting a new LB but I thought it'd be Baines.

    FU bitch. We need him so bad. None of our "CDM's" can tackle.
  5. We have too many CDM's.
  6. So true. I'd happily take Toure or Garcia off you. You can keep Barry and Rodwell :eww:.
  7. Nooo, you can take Barry. :lol1:
  8. United will not buy Fellaini, why? because I said so :true:
  9. Hate him more than I hate Milner. He's just shit and doesn't appear on my TV anymore so he's not on the shank list.

  10. Seriously though, why do United need Fellaini?
  11. No cover at the back. Defenders keep getting injured so we keep putting noobs in there. But more importantly we're so good going forward that we'er open, we need someone to sit who is actually physically imposing and can tackle -- unlike Carrick -- and Fellaini is the guy for that. Plus he fits into our passing game and would actually make us threatening from set pieces and would help defend them too.
  12. And Ferguson let Norwood (albeit reluctantly) come to Town, Norwood is a class act and a superb defensive midfielder, someone who I think would have fit in superbly at United (then again I am biast as he plays for Nothern Ireland), seriously though I think he would have worked well at United but feel the move did him good.
  13. There's a vast difference in the clubs though. I've seen a lot of Norwood and I don't think he'd be a star player, but I don't think he'd flop. But no way would he have been a first name on the team sheet player, which we need, like Yaya Toure at Man City.

    If I had it my way we'd have M'Villa here.
  14. Agreed with that, their is a huge difference between United and Town, and I kind of agree while he might look great for us (one of the first names on the team sheet for most), at United it would have taken time, time he didn't have, but I still felt if he had the time he could have possibly fit the Scholes role well in time.
  15. Woah, I'm unsure of that. Not even any of our first team starter have come close to replacing Scholes. Out of the contenders (Anderson, Cleverely, Carrick, Giggs, Powell), none of them are anywhere near Scholes and it's scary. He's what, 37? Retired last year? And he's still one of the best CM's in the world imo.

    Annoying though as a United fan. Powell might be the closest to doing it though, he looks like talent.
  16. Powell is going to take a while to adapt into the center IMO, he played as a striker at Crewe if I remember rightly. He obviously has talent but not sure if he'll replace Scholes. You need a real hard bastard to disrupt play, you have great footballer but no one who intimidates people like Keane or Viera. Mvilla would be a top signing IMO as would have someone like Parker for a short term stop gap.
  17. Scholes is still one of the best I agree, but come on, you seriously can't compare 2 wingers (Giggs and Anderson) to Scholes, Carrick imo is crap, but I've not seen anything on Powell. I know my comment might have sounded premature and I know it's a total different level, but I think in a few years (albeit not as good), he'd have replaced Scholes in the defensive role well.
  18. Scholes isn't a defensive midfielder though. Giggs plays CM now, not winger and Anderson never played wide lol. Anderson is a CAM or CM. Giggs is now a CAM/CM too.

    Scholes' role is sit back, create, make, move it, and move forward with it.
  19. Norwood is a deep laying playmaker isn't he? Suppose he fits the Scholes mold kinda.
  20. Giggs is and always will be a winger, IMO he just doesn't sound right or suit a midfield role. As for Anderson, my mistake, could have sworn he was a winger. I'm sure Scholes has always been the more defensive Midfielder when playing? unless I'm wrong?


    Aye he is, which is why I think in time he would suit it well.
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