Unlikely Scenarios

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by the_hoff, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Cena leaving the WWE, and heading over to, wait for it, TNA. Yeah. Would it be as big of a debut as Hogan's in TNA, or bigger? Personally bro, I think it'd be bigger. Dixie would get real smart, real fast and put the TNA title on Cena. Another? AJ Styles heading over to the WWE with his TNA world title, and challenging Cena and/or Orton in a champion vs champion match. Let's make it a unification match?
  2. The Bro Mans ever getting over.
  3. Ziggler gettin pushed
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  4. Ziggler getting booked well.
  5. Cody Rhodes winning the WWE title
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  6. Was gonna say something along those lines in regards to his Bromans comment. Beat me to it, and kudos bro
  7. WWE no longer being PG.
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  8. To think This time last year he was main eventing Tlc vs cena 12 months later he ain't even on the card
  9. In 2013, Cena signing with TNA would definitely be bigger since Cena has much more to offer any wrestling product nowadays than Hogan does. The real question is, would it be bigger or as big as when Hogan signed with WCW in 1994? To be honest, I think it could be. There's no dream match similar to Hogan/Flair waiting to happen for Cena if he does make the jump, but he's currently the face of a global brand like WWE that is in a much better shape than it was in the mid-90's. By the time Hogan signed with WCW, people were already sick of him and wrestling was in it's coldest period ever, plus Hogan hadn't been a full time wrestler for two and a half years while Cena as I type this is STILL the top dog in WWE. Of course, after TNA put the world title on him, they would likely then book him in shitty angles that drew no money, but that's a different story.

    Speaking of Hogan, there's another implausible scenario - Hulk Hogan returning and winning the WWE Title one last time.
  10. Would be a site to see for sure bro, Hogan winning the WWE title. With the rumors of Hogan and Cena teaming up at WM, that would be the perfect opportunity to plant the seeds for a Hogan/Cena rivalry. Hogan turns on Cena at WM, Hogan demands a title shot, Hogan wins, IWC implodes.
  11. Is it sad that a 60 year old Hulk Hogan winning the WWE Title again would honestly excite more than another John Cena title reign?
  12. Babyface Cena vs heel Bobby Roode would be a dream match for me.
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  13. Nash being openly complimenting to people under 6ft2 that aren't Shawn or X-Pac
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  14. Bromans being a credible team.
  15. Curtis Axel and Ryback winning the tag titles.
  16. Santino ever being taken as a serious, credible wrestler.
  17. http://allwrestling.com/newswireitem/5682/wwe-news-kevin-nash-praises/

    Speaking to the site last Friday, Nash noted that he had gotten to know Ziggler during his latest WWE stint (which saw Nash embroiled in a forgettable feud with real-life buddy Triple H): "When we did the European trip [last year] he was my travel mate. I really, of all the young guys, I definitely bonded more with Dolph than anybody else. He is a fan of the business."

    Nash, who has been opening about his time in WWE recently in an array of revealing interviews, also complimented the young star's skills and compared him to legendary wrestler Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, Nash enthuses: "He's special. He's got it. Sometimes, man, wow, it's just like he was Curt [Hennig] reincarnated."
  18. No it isn't sad bro. Why? Cause personally I'd like to see it. After Hogan wins the WWE title, he loses it only one week later. To whom? Vince McMahon. With Trips as the special guest ref. See, Vinnie Mac and Trips were in cahoots the whole time bro.
  19. In all seriousness, even if Hogan was a decade younger and able to wrestle one more match and perform the leg drop without fear of hurting himself, I wouldn't want him to have another championship reign. His last title win in 2002 is already a storybook ending for him when you consider he was champion when the company changed its name over from WWF to WWE, making him on record the last ever WWF Champion and the first ever WWE Champion. The title win also happened at the final PPV event that the company ever produced under the WWF name, and how ironic that HHH is the guy he beat to win it considering HHH is the person who Vince will one day hand over the reins of the company to.
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