Kayfabe Unlocking something I left behind.

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  1. The Video starts with Chris Young dress in an all black basic sports coat combo under a lone spotlight surrounded by darkness with his side to the camera hiding the side of his face.*

    Chris: Before I came here I had locked away a side of me that I wanted to keep away but now he must return and burn a hole in this place. Will Neilson and Tony Stark, You two are going to meet this side of me that no one has seen in almost a year and when Venom Young comes back so does The Demon a mindset I locked away after ending the wrestling life of a man in a match and now after falling down and back into the darkness that side was there with me and like a man going hollow with a lust for victory and a hunger and dreams of gold I have unlocked him again.

    *Chris Keeping his one side of him hidden as he walks and the room starts to light up on one side and staying dark on the other side. The Look of unrest stays on his face the whole time/ *

    Chris: I had hoped to never go back but this time has forced The Amazing One to become The Amazing Demon with this new venom inside of me the bloodlust will come back to me but I will not fight for me I will fight til show everyone that Chris Young is not that guy and that even a monster can change his way. Those two are not going to be facing Chris Young like they had before this is going to an undertaking as I am more deadly when The Venom Young is here.
    I am going to break down those waste of skin and beat them down into the mud.
    I will not break a sweat in this match and you will see why when I snap their necks inside side of that ring.

    *Chris Stil with half if his face hidden knees down and lowers his head as he keeps his head down the camera moves to show the top of his head with his face still hidden.*

    Chris: I Don't do this because I want to I do it for my own shake.
    Will Neilson and Tony Stark, You two are in for a hell of a fight with him.
    Soon I will climb back up and reclaim what I lost. I’ve ended a few dreams in this ring. No one is safe and no one has the will to fight like I do.I’m going bring down the arena and I’m going to steal the show even if I have to die.

    *Chris Raises his head to show one side is covered with blood red marks and sporting red eyes.*

    Chris: This is my homecoming to the ring and it will be a downpour .

    *The Video ends*
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