Unpopular wrestling opinions you have.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Simple. What wrestling opinions do you have which aren't popular amongst the majority of the IWC?

    For example: RKO is a big fan of John Cena, most people in the IWC are not.

  2. For example: RKO is a big fan of John Cena, most people in the IWC are not.

    The IWC has bad taste. (except for WF).
  3. CM Punks shoot was far from his best mic work. Does that count ?
  4. Yup :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Hulk Hogan is grossly overrated.
  5. I think Zack Ryder is a bit Over-Rated.
  6. I don't find CM Punks jokes funny most of the time (the wrestler, not our member :emoji_heart_eyes:.
  7. It's cause he kept repeating them. Like "You've got him doing your dirty work." or "Stephanie McMahon jokes".
  8. The ones on HHH I found amusing.
  9. God damn how much I agree with that.
  10. That's not a unpopular opinion, the IWC is full of hypocrites lol.
  11. @[Crayo]'s jokes are not funny, (the Chairmen, not the member) :emoji_heart:
  12. I'm a fan of Santino and I wish he had one the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber when he was close to doing so
  13. -I'm a fan of Daniel Bryan but in no way would I ever want to see him as the top face of WWE that Cena passes the torch to. Not even if someone gave me a magic wand and said that waving it could magically make him the guy who permanently takes Cena's spot as the next face of WWE. He's a great talent but I think the spot he will fall into, which is being a floater between upper mid card and occasional main event (a second tier main event star), is the exact kind of spot he will excel at the best. He can be a world champion maybe here and there while also raising the prestige of the mid card belts on occasion. He doesn't have a special enough personality for me to want to see him as the #1 guy in WWE. Never mind his size.

    -I'm a fan of Randy Orton. He's been having good/great matches since his debut in WWE and he has a pretty good collection of moves. He has the best drop kick and power slam (the way he can quickly catch you running off the ropes into a quick power slam is awesome), his rope hung DDT is one of my favorite spots of any wrestler, he has probably the best finisher that he can pull out out of nowhere, and the punt kick (when it's allowed) is awesome. He can also sell very well, and you can see that in most any match he has. He's not the best talker but he's good enough (not great) and to be fair, Bryan and Ziggler, both whom the IWC loves, aren't at the top of the list for best talkers either. He can play both kinds of heel - arrogant/cocky (Legend Killer) and vicious and malicious (The Viper) and can also play an edgy baby face quite well if WWE lets him.
  14. Pretty sure everyone loves him too, but im a huge Ryder mark. I want to see him every single week, at the very least on Smackdown.
  15. ADR is the man.
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  16. The Miz is the worst face in wrestling right now.
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  17. I think Gutcheck is a horrible idea
  18. Not really an unpopular opinion. Face Miz has poor reviews from most

    Good idea, horrible execution.
  19. Who doesnt?
  20. Very far from it. The reason that promo is regarded so much is because of the shock value and how it put Punk on the map and sky rocketed his career.