Kayfabe Unreachable. (On A Quest for Glory!)

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  1. After the opening match, and during the expected transition to the next match, Joseph Diamond vs the debuting Mike Thunder, we see Joseph Diamond standing backstage, Intercontinental Championship strung over his shoulder, rose tinted sunglasses covering his eyes, and his patented white scarf draped over both his shoulders. Staring directly into the camera, he begins directly addressing the audience...

    Joseph Diamond: I stand back here, on top of the ladder of this company, undefeated. No one else on Saturday Night Precision has gone into four matches and came out lossless. I am in a category all on my own, I stand in front of you as the diamond standard of this company, unbreakable, untouchable, unmistakable, undefeated. Unreachable. No one has made has big of an impact in this company EVER. And in just three weeks, I went from the Old Prince, a nobody, a flop, a bust, D.O.A, to YOUR Intercontinental CHAMPION. My quest for glory is one that is just triumph after triumph after triumph. When I first returned I was berated in MY OWN HOME by so-called journalists, who told me to manage my expectations, focus on winning one match. Well I've got some news, Diamond Doubters. I won not just one match, I won four of them. As a bonus, I won and then retired the European Championship, and last week I beat the Iron Man Champion. And now I am the first and ONLY Intercontinental Champion. At a certain point, you need to ask yourself. is Joseph Diamond really arrogant? Is he actually all talk? Was I wrong about Joseph Diamond? Well tonight, we have another comeback kid looking to step up. And tonight you will see, that I am not a fluke. I am not arrogant. I am not all talk. I just am.

    Mike Thunder hopes to start his own quest for glory tonight, but unfortunately for Mr. Thunder, he's facing me. And yet, Mike Thunder thinks he can walk into this company with his catchphrases, his "FEEL THE THUNDER" and thinks that he can step up to me? The only thing he'll be feeling is pain, humiliation and shame, not necessarily in that order. He thinks he can knock me off the top of the ladder? In his head, he believes that he can just walk in and beat the Undefeated Sensation, Joseph Diamond. I get his thinking, immediately making himself an asset to this company by going face to face with the man on top, but all he's going to do is be the sixth man that has stood face to face with me and then he will quickly become the sixth man to fall at my feet.

    The Scat, Jack Rogue, Anderson Vega, Anthony Stark and The Blade will all tell you about the perils they went through in their matches with me. Scattington got 3 Black Diamonds and a black eye for his trouble. Jack Rogue was hit Diamond in the Rough that damn near took his head off. Anderson Vega walked away full of shame, realizing he threw away his Iron Man Title, just to come up short. He realized, that in a match with Tony Stark of all people, he was the weak link. He hasn't been the same since. I would be ashamed too. And I took Tony Stark's 15 minutes of fame, his sorry excuse of a championship reign, and left him with a bad back and no European Championship.. He was barely in the condition to compete last week I beat him so badly! And The Blade, Bladebladebladebladeblade....Blade. He took me to my limit last week, I will give him that. But in the end I hit him with a move never before seen. The Unbreakable Facebreaker. A move so devastating, it was such a shock to his system, he ended up being counted out by the referee.

    So you say I'm arrogant? You say I'm self-centered. You think that I'm not capable of beating every single person in that locker room? If I wanted, I COULD BE the Undisputed Champion. Team Blake, Team Diamond. That's irrelevant. I can beat Ryan Blake, Buster Gates, "Mr. Money in the Bank" Will Neilson, Jordan Bull, Tyson Blade, I could even beat whoever Bill Bronson is. And Mike Thunder thinks he can just come out tonight, and knock me off this high horse of mine? Not a chance. Storms come, and storms go. Lighting strikes, but ultimately flashes out. Thunder might seem scary to infants and toddlers, and it might seem intimidating some folks, but I'm a grown man, a father of two, and I know that all thunder really is, is noise.

    Diamond is real, Diamond is here, Diamond is unbreakable, undeniable unappreciated, JOSEPH Diamond is UNREACHABLE. DIAMOND IS THEN, DIAMOND IS NOW, DIAMOND IS FOREVER And tonight, Mike Thunder finds out just what that means.

    Joseph Diamond walks out of frame, and the on-stage pyro explodes in sync with the trumpets of Diamonds from Sierra Leone. I guess this means that Diamond is finally done his insensate rambling, and we can now get onto our next match. It's Joseph Diamond vs Mike Thunder, and it's coming right up on Saturday Night Precision!
    Mentions that Matter/OOC Stuff (open)

    @Mike Thunder

    This promo is set earlier in the show than the attack that comes later on (shout out to @Geek773 for that by the way, the promo was sweet), in case there's any confusion about that.
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