Unrealistic pushes that you think would work.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Sometimes talents shocking us makes a push so much more enjoyable. What pushes/changes to a character do you think are unrealistic? For example, before R-Truth turned heel a year or two ago, I always thought to myself this guy would be a great upper-card heel because of his look and his mic work, but thought it was unrealistic due to his age and the fact fans didn't care about him. R-Truth's heel turn and semi-push was awesome for me as I thoroughly enjoyed his heel work and was surprised at the fact WWE pushed him.

    So, who currently could do something like that? My answer is Riley. I know he is split down the middle on this forum, but that makes it better. Alex Riley is a great mic worker, has a great look, can work to the low standard WWE care about, and isn't only a heel or only a face - he can work both. At this point I think it's unrealistic he gets a push due to his current status in WWE, and his previous beef with the locker room leader in Cena. WWE just don't see what I see I don't think.

    What about you guys?
  2. Yoshi Tatsu. Talented ring worker who was a decent mid carder in Japan (and tag partner with current sexy beast Tanahashi) but who hasn't done anything of note in WWE.
    The one show down on the old NXT where he debuted a serious, silent Great Muta inspired character was one of the best of the old NXT. That character had some mad potential if handled right and with the right mouth piece. Sadly WWE never allowed it to happen.
  3. Ziggler

    no but seriously, I've said it a few times but since it has only gained steamed with a handful of users, I'll say it again. Heath Slater needs to have a LENGTHY mid card title reign. He is a heat machine. Let him have the most chicken shit, no clean win-getting run of all time. Give him 45 seconds of mic time before a match and he will have the crowd begging to see whatever face he is wrestling to shut him up. Give him a year+ with the IC title and the shear hatred that would be pulsating through the WWE Universe would instantly give the title more credit, and also help generate more interest in the faces he is feuding with.

    Now, he needs to first separate from the 3MB gimmick. I say just drop it completely, never mention it again and have him re-appear 6-8 months down the line. After re-debuting he starts getting the cheapest wins imaginable, but doing it consistently. He eventually cheats to get the win over whatever meaningless midcarder is the IC Champ at the time and begins his reign of terror.

    The WWE Universe loves to make fun of Slater. See: Cena and the Wendy's thing.
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  4. Slater on a mid card tare would be great.
  5. Is that a legitimate puro title that he has been given, sexy beast? Like KOTR or something? I apologize for my ignorance when it comes to Japanese wrestling.

    Is it a title that Bob Sapp has held?
  6. Curt Hawkins. I don't have much reasoning to back it up but I've liked the guy's skills since he debuted and he's just been thrown all over the place since. Hasn't been on the main roster in a couple years I believe but I think he'd do great in the mid-card.
  7. Sadly not an official title. But with the amount of photoshoots he is doing with chicks it wouldn't shock me.

    Tanahashi is the face of New Japan Pro. Hell of a charismatic man who gets the crowds going. A lot of comparisons can be drawn between his and Cena's role in their respective companies and characters. But Tanahashi isn't as smug a character as John's and has a much better workrate..

    He's the Michaels to Yoshi's Jannetty.
  8. WWE killed any hope of a successful Yoshi push. Definitely one of the wrestlers that has no return imo. They've fucked him up so much. Besides, he can't work the mic at all, so without a manager he is naturally doomed. Silent gimmicks can only go so far.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Tyson Kidd, when he returns, in an upper mid-card feud. Would love to see him as the next Paul Heyman guy as Paul would be the best mouthpiece for him.
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  11. Apples and oranges.

    Sting and Yoshi Tatsu.

  12. You missed the point. I'm saying give Yoshi Tatsu the Crow gimmick. Propelling down from the rafters, taking out the Shield with a baseball bat, ect...
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  13. To be fair, Sting started talking like his old self again just a few months after finally returning to the ring.
  14. Is Tatsu quite old though? Apart from a tag run where else would he be booked as strong and there is no crusierweight title to speak of.
  15. 35. And I agree.

  16. Right, but he never talked for the most important stretch, the build leading to Starrcade 97
  17. Ignore this post mis read the title
  18. would damien sandow be classed as unlikily? If so him hes got loads of potential imo
  19. Lol he was never even in the WWE lulz, Wat a failure
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