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    The setting is a sitdown interview, it almost looks like its being filmed in somebodies living room, but its some professional looking stuff regardless.

    Patrick Young
    : Hello, ladies and gentlemen and say hello to my guest, who you may be familar with from his historic losing streak on Sony Storm many months ago, and his equally embarrassing debut against Bill Bronson, where he was made quick work of.

    Joseph Diamond: I'm gonna stop you right there, Patricia

    Patrick Young: It's ...Patric-

    Joseph Diamond: I'm not here to listen to you berate me about my lack of accomplishments. Since you've proven yourself incapable, allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Joseph Diamond. The Diamond Standard. The Diamond in the Rough. The Old Prince. I have been wrestling professionally for 5 years, and yes, while my recent Win-Loss record has been, less than impressive, if you sit and watch those matches, you will see that I am consistently coming up JUST SHORT of winning almost all of them. Thats how you introduce somebody. Now ask me some questions.

    Patrick Young: Um, okay, what, um, motivated you to come back after leaving with seemingly no warning?

    Joseph Diamond: Well, it wasn't really a choice of mine. I had been working through a shoulder injury for a long while, and while I thought it had recovered, in the match with Billy, I ended up aggravating it and for a fair bit of that match I was fighting with one arm. The only reason I'm back now is because my arm is back to 100%, not really anything to look into there.

    Patrick Young: You described yourself as "The Old Prince" in your self-introduction, do you want to go into why you see yourself as this "Old Prince" in spite of only wrestling for five years?

    Joseph Diamond: Well thats professionally, wrestling has been apart of my life since I was a kid, my dad being Chris Diamond, a former world champion in his own right, at one point he was called "the King of Wrestling", which was far from the truth, but regardless. He might've never been the best father, he knew a thing or two about wrestling, ever since I was old enough to drive he was training me to continue the family legacy. I didn't for a while, having two kids really got in the way of that, but when I got to a point where I could set out to follow in my dads footsteps, I didn't hesitate. As for calling myself "The Old Prince", you have tor realize, most these guys are young, early 20s, they have their whole careers ahead of them, I just turned 30, and compared to everybody else here, I am a veteran, I grew up on the industry. If my dad was the King of the Wrestling World, then I'm the prince. And since I'm a veteran to these young guys, I'm the Old Prince.

    Patrick Young: I guess, seems like a bit of a stretch. And also, isn't giving yourself a nickname a bit lame?

    Joseph Diamond: It's not a nickname, its who I am. I'm the heir to the throne. I AM The Old Prince.

    Patrick Young: If you say so man. Well, moving on, what do you hope to accomplish in your return? What are you building towards?

    Joseph Diamond: I want to be Undisputed Champion. I want to be European Champion. I want to be Iron Man Champion. I want to hold all the gold. I want to be a grand slam champion. And this isn't just something I want. This is something I am going to do.

    Patrick Young: Don't you feel like you're getting ahead of yourself? Why not set a more realistic goal, like, say, winning a match?

    Joseph Diamond: That's funny, really good. But no, I don't feel like I am. Because I know I can accomplish it, I can reach those heights, and now is really my chance to reach that potential I know I can achieve, I've just never had the platform to reach it. It's no more nonsense from me, no more scarves, no cheap gimmicks. Those were all only temporary. But Diamond, Diamond is forever.
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