Unselfish WWE Wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Joseph86, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. Guys, Who do you think are the most Unselfish WWE Wrestlers since the pre attitude era. I can think of Taker

    Anybody else
  2. :sad1: <--- that guy
  3. I agree on DZ. Would you think Kane is unselfish too?
  4. Bret Hart
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  5. Yeah considering what they did to his character, but you have to figure some of these guys get to a point where it is more about the money than the story line.
  6. Kane is a company man and seems to have no ego at all when it comes to gimmicks and winning matches. Undertaker and Chris Jericho also seem to care more about making storylines work than being booked strong.
  7. I agree about Kane.

    The most unselfish wrestler right now: Y2J
  8. Brooklyn Brawler. The man made a career out of doing the job for other guys as well as coaching talent backstage.

    Look up unselfish in the dictionary and there's a picture of the Brawler. With Barry Horrowitz as a sidenote.
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  9. The only thing about Taker that i think is bullshit is him refusing to put Bray Wyatt over. He had 2 chances to help a young talent get over so big but chose not too. I know its Vinces final desicion but Takers input still weighs a ton.

    Y2J has the most decorated career but is still willing to put pretty much anyone over. I feel like nowadays not many of the new talent really have the choice to be selfish. It's Vinces way or the highway, I doubt there is much disagreement backstage on who gets to go over. Obviously there is probably exceptions like HHH, Cena, Taker, Orton, Lesnat etc who can speak up with no issues but Im sure all the other guys don't have much of a choice.
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  10. What else was he going to do? Not like he had any real attributes you need to be a genuinely successful wrestler.
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