Up and comers in Puro

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. We had a thread discussing who were the current top names in puro right now last month I believe. This thread continues in its spirit but focuses on the up and comers. Who will be the stars of puro in the future? Name 4 young up and comers you think will be big, give an explanation if you feel like it.

    In no particular order:

    1- Okada. Okada has already been a world champ once but is now seemingly looking at a longer reign. He went through a massive transformation over a relative short time. NJPW and Okada did a massive job undoing the "damage" that TNA did to him with the Okato gimmick.

    2- Akira Tozawa. One of the best right now. Tozawa like Okada hsa undergone a massive transformation in a short time. He was sent to America from Dragon Gate in 2010 because he wasn't living up to his potential and was jobbed out as a bit of a joke. He spent a year in America and came back to become what can now be considered the top heel in the company. Insanely good in the ring and insanely charismatic. Tozawa will go far.

    3- Eita Kobayashi. One of Dragon Gate's new top prospects. Apparently working and training with CIMA. Eita is one of puros hardest hitters currently apparently, with a vicious knife edge chop. He shows a lot of promise and talent and I think he could become a top face in the future. He's also very young, not event 25 yet.

    4- Tomahawk TT. Another top prospect from Dragon Gate. Tomahawk TT is something rare in a land of relatively small people. He's tall and built for power. He works a very physical style with hard hits and power moves. Tomahawk could be a top heel for Dragon Gate in the future. And at only 22 years old he has a lot of time to improve. He is currently "banished" from the company so that he could go and work in Mexico and train.

    Who are your picks?
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