Up Yours, WWE. No Wyatt Family. Post your reaction

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 22, 2013.

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    At least we got tons of pointless matches, not to mention Miz TV w/ a bunch of dumb broads nobody gives a damn about.
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    WWE Creative is always there to ruin someones hope for something to happen..
  3. He will be there nxt week involved with kane/bryan.
  4. They will be at Main Event. Chillax

  5. Well I would hope to god they aren't off Raw two weeks in a row. Once was asinine enough.
  6. Yeah, thought it was weird they didn't have a random attack but it's probably going to be really good next week with the return of kane with all that buzzard talk.
  7. I'm more mad that the Big Show wasn't at Raw tonight even though he was advertised for it

  8. I always knew they would fail before they even debuted and I was proved right once again
  9. They werent on TV for one week. Stfu. They are being hyped and pushed and just because they miss a Raw doesnt mean they failed. Just stfu.
  10. Don't rustle your jimmies about her. She did the exact same thing when Shield debuted saying they'd be "fired in a week" or something along the lines. Just act like she didn't even post anything is my method. :dawg:
  11. Who didnt even post? :emoji_wink:
  12. Idk man, I'm tripping out :shock:
  13. #CraySeption [​IMG]
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    Honestly,I passed out within the first 20 minutes of RAW. Thank goodness it seems I didn't miss anything good.
  15. You really didn't besides the moments I said on your status, lol. It depends what wrestlers you mark over.
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  16. Vintage BLFFL there. Perfect heel
  17. I'm fine with it. Squashing jobbers means nothing and gets boring fast. More meaningful segments (like a guaranteed segment with Kane next week) is much better. The video package they showed was superb.

  18. This was my reaction!
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