Update: Alberto Del Rio Suffers 'Serious Concussion'

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Here's more detailed update on what happening with Alberto and what they are planning for NWO.

  2. Someone give me a video of the injury. Way to go Sheamus you jizz guzzling homo
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  3. Sheamful does it again.
  4. Another one bites the dust WWE talent are gonna be fucked having to work extra shows to cover other wrestlers being absent which means more injuries will happen and more drug taking will happen leading to wellness failures
  5. Fucking Sheamful.
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  6. That looked rough. I hope Del Rio doesn't have any problems due to the concussion. Curious to see how NWO will play out.
  7. What a useless cock sniffing jizz stain
  8. Don't be shy.... Tell us how you really feel!

  9. Sheamus is clearly racist and jealous of ADR's lovely complexion. I read his lips as he throws him into the steel he says "Take this ya tan bar-stard!"

    This was a hate crime ladies and gentleman.
  10. But, Ricardo was dressed up as Sheamus, id say he deserved it :otunga: what a personal and intense feud this has become, please WWE never ever end it.
  11. Blurring the lines of kayfabe and reality.. it's a modern day Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels
  12. They are worried about Del Rio being injury prone? Not the large pale mongo they have strutting around with the heavyweight title being to prone to injure people? Doesn't Sheamus have a history of being stiff and easily injure people, Del Rio is a example, I also think Evan Bourne got a taste of the big pale phallus. And didn't Sheamus break a guys neck in one of his first WWE matches?
  13. Injury prone lmao, what a joke. Let's take Vince and HHH and have Sheamus stiffly smash their face into some steel and see how well they come away from it.
  14. Del Rio's not injury prone, the injury didn't happen during a match in result of a normal move, Sheamus just threw his head right on that steel logo. It looks like he's injury prone because one injury happened right after the other, but I don't think he's been out due to physical problems before in his WWE run. Sheamus is a stiff worker, that's it.
  15. :haha:
    Lmao, how is this Sheamus' fault?
    He just threw ADR at the logo, he could've turned around easily.
  16. A hit to the side of the head or the back of the head is even worse, the side of the head has the two weakest spots when it comes to bone on the entire head. The back is also thinner when it comes to bone at the front. Sheamus is known as being stiff as well and he hurt a lot of wrestlers during his FCW run.
  17. He still could've turned or take a shoulder bump.. :facepalm1:

    This hate on Sheamus is not needed..
  18. Or Sheamus could have just not been a dumb oaf and thrown ADR into the steel way harder than he needed to
  19. This :win:
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