Update: CM Punk did blade?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. The source means take this with a grain of salt since it's Dave Meltzer, but if this is true (haven't reviewed the match since RAW), then Punk really is pretty high up in WWE's list of stars.
  2. Execution matters. If it's true, it wasn't obvious. Good job.
  3. If it's true it's pretty ridiculous, why would you want to make it look like Lawler made you bleed, makes Punk look weak imo.
  4. So much this. This is why I think it's fake. Why would he blade on a random cage match on RAW, instead of matches like his No DQ matches against Bryan and Jericho.
  5. CM Punk was legit busted open I dont think he would risk blading considering how strict WWE is now
  6. I don't think he did, why would you blade against Jerry Lawler? And why would the referee risk his job doing such a thing, then put his gloves on? So. Much. Stupidity.
  7. i dont think he bladed if you watch i think his head just hit the wrong part of the cage

  8. wtf.. i didnt even notice the blood when i watched it the first time.
  9. Thanks for the video Vince, it look's like he bladed to me.
  10. This
  11. If you start seeing blood regularly again, then he probably bladed. If you don't see blood regularly after this, it was probably "hardway".

    It makes no sense to me to blade in this particular match unless they're just seeing the reaction of the audience/"WWE Universe" (By the way, I hate being told I'm part of the "WWE Universe" just as much as I hate being referred to as part of "Lonhorn Nation"...I'm just sayin'). If Punk bladed, I'm sure there was a reason for it. If he's not in the doghouse over it, I would suggest that it was cleared by HHH or someone else in a position of authority.

  12. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLxGLsXmRQo[/yt]

    Video of it.
  13. Fucking noob. Vince posted that on the first page already.
  14. Care cup - empty.
  15. I need to take a wizz, let me fill that for you. :dawg:
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  16. This needs to be taken off, waste of bandwidth :burns:
  17. Another update: He didn't even blade

  18. New pic showing Punk's staples:
    Show Spoiler


    His last few tweets have been about the incident and rumors of him blading.
  19. Grammar got ninja'd :isee:
  20. Oh how ironic. Now who's the noob Grammar?
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