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  1. Due to the amount of changes to groups that we have been doing lately, we have decided to reintroduce the $5 fee because of how tedious it is. This covers all group changes and you can make as many as you wish after paying the $5 fee, unless of course you want to change more group information again in the future; you'll need to pay the $5 fee again.

    The main purpose of this is to make sure that users who purchase groups know for sure what colour they want, what group name they want, and other group information.

    If you wish to purchase a custom user group, please contact myself or Crayo and it'll get done.

  2. This is why I want to be in Hall of Glory. :tough:
  3. You need to be a main event playa first!

  4. I am. :tough:
  5. Where's ya funk? :tough:
  7. :hmm: Needs more swag. Try this:

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  8. :hmm:
    I'm not afraid to insult people. :tough:
  9. :hmm: Close, now all ya need to do is never job.
  11. Lol is this why you were encouraging the name change
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  12. Xanth stacking that paper!
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  13. this bold shit I want money back for group everything change after I pay fuck this @Crayo bold shit
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  14. You still have a name change since I said that I would do it last night
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  15. Why not forum cash? Before we moved to XenForo it was paid with forum cash, why not now? I mean, we buy the group and then if we want to change something we should pay again. I guess it'd be better if we buy those changes with forum cash because in fact, by creating the group, we're contributing to the site in two different ways: donating and getting people to discuss with us which leads to more posts which leads to more activity which leads to have a better and every day bigger community. I understand you have better things to do but I think paying it with forum cash would be better than paying it irl. These are my reasons:
    1. If its made with forum cash, then people would be more active so they could get their money faster.
    2. People may have bought the group but can't afford this fee (which is low, I know) or may not even want to pay it but wish to change something in their group.
    3. Some changes are great and needed and it wouldn't kill you if we could buy it with forum cash.
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  16. Because the site costs money?
  17. We all know that, thanks for nothing... That was just a suggestion. I also explained why would it'd be better to do that with forum cash, but that's my opinion, I ain't an admin on this site so that's all I can do, suggest and give my opinion about something and so I did. Other than that, BUY YOURSELF A SOUL!
  18. It costs real money because Xanth and the admins could have $9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 if they wanted to, hosting this site costs quite a bit of money a month. People like myself and seabs and Danny (and others, inb4 i get hate cause i didn't mention you and you donated), we've donated a ton of money to keep the site alive. But we can't just rely on donations and legend upgrades, because a lot of things done on the site also cost real money (themes, headers, etc.) - so it's completely illogical to expect this to cost forum money. You wouldn't pay £200 for a sofa then when the next payment came you offered them £200 monopoly money because you've already paid half in real money.
  19. Okay, so what do I need to do exactly?

    Do you still have the way to pay that isn't paypal?
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