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  1. I haven't watch the WWE since Seth Rollins attacked the other members of The Shield. I am unaware what happened after that, and I'd like to familiarize myself with the story line's and the changes since then. I haven't watched RAW since then due to personal reasons, and not because of The Shield splitting up.

    What's happened since then? Who's turned heel, and who's turned face? Is there new wrestlers on the main roster? Has anyone left? What's the main story line? Any sort of update will be appreciated.

    I am also looking to become active on the forum again. Is there any sort of official App for iPhone users? I'd find it much easier since I'm always on my phone.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  2. Seth is Mr MITB, but Dean Ambrose is butt-hurt and has interfered each time Seth has attempted to cash in
    Cena is Champ
    Bryan is out for the foreseeable future due to his bum neck
    Jericho is back and feuding with Bray Wyatt (who's taking smarks and marks alike by storm)
    Paige is turning heel and AJ returned and turned face
    Miz came back and turned heel
    Bo Dallas, Adam Rose debuted and Santino retired
    Main storyline: Grooming Roman Reigns for the top.
    Fandango is playing two bi***es at the same time
    The Divas show has earned each Diva a semi push
    Swagger and Coulter turned face against Rusev
  3. Cena's the champ. There's not much to the product except for Jericho/Wyatt.
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