Update on AAA Talent for "One Night Only" PPV

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Last week, it was reported that TNA would bring in four wrestlers from AAA to work the upcoming One Night Only: World Cup of Wrestling PPV in Orlando, Florida. Konnan has since confirmed that due to last minute visa issues, AAA will only send one wrestler instead.

  2. I read about that. Apparently TNA started the work on the visas way too late or something like that. It's not just the AAA wrestlers that are in question now but the other international talent as well. Fine job Pritchard.

  3. :burns:

    And now to remember these tapings begin today, it's..... Lolwut worthy.
  4. Maybe someone should tell Bruce the secret. You make sure you have talent ready for a thing like this before announcing it.
  5. So who's the one talent? Also is Jarrett still down there? I'd be down for him representing team AAA
  6. Jarrett is with AAA yes, at least part time.
  7. No visa issue, us known to the audience and is awesome. I'm in for double j mma style.
  8. Isn't there also a lot of international talent working in the US as well. I know that Japanese promotions sends some of their younger talent to the US to work and train for a while (Tozawa and Okada are prime examples).
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  9. Yeah loads, it's kind of messed up they've botched bringing in 4 guys tbh. I know it's a bit stereotypical but there are a lotta luchas in the US scene so they could use those to represent team Mexico I suppose, I doubt AAA would want their name using.
  10. Yeah. They could always run this show as being each country representing itself instead of promotions. Then get some luchadors to be team Mexico, some brits to be team Britain and some Japs to be team Japan.
  11. The ultimate trolling would be if Team AAA would be represented by Jarrett, Gunner, Abyss and Karen, the persons who work(ed) there for some time. :troll:
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  12. Abyss vs Joeseph Park dream match :wtf2:

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  13. I think that was an original plan, the countries, not the specific companies.

    Canada could have EY, Roode and Petey Williams (or Alex Silva).
    Mexico could have that one AAA dude, Chavo, Hernandez.
    UK can have Doug Williams, Rockstar Spud and Magnus.
    Team International (instead of Team Japan) can have Sonjay Dutt, Zema Ion and a 3rd party.
  14. Canada with the best talent there by a country mile.
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