Update on AJs contract and the whereabouts of Dixie

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Good work Dix. Way to show where your priorities lie.
  2. Happy for AJ, great call.
    Rest of this reads like "Oooooh, here's a line we can use to bury TNA... :yay: Clicks!"
    If the company was doing well, Dixie going to a college football game wouldn't be a big deal.
    Hope they can find a way to get back to some place that they can tape TV again. The Impact Zone was clearly a bigger deal than we thought.
  3. That bitch needs to be sued all employees are not geting paid or are behind on getting paid and shes out havng fun at a football game. Everyone in TNA needs to down tools and just stay home she will soon be running back to her office to sort this shit out
  4. Stay with TNA till Feb 2014 AJ, Please. I want to mark at the Glasgow tapings.
  5. I want to mark at the Birmingham tapings. TNA, GIVE AJ WHAT HE WANTS!
  6. Birmingham is a house show :umad:

  7. EVERYTHING IS A HOUSE SHOW IN BIRMINGHAM :mad2: Still I want to mark for AJ at the house show.
  8. Yeah haha
  9. Happy about AJ's contract, but maybe Dixie is looking for new talents while watching college football matches. The Rock was a college football player and ended working for WWE...
  10. get the fuck out of the TNA section you idiot. So tired of seeing your shit posts here.

    Now fuck off and gtfo.

    Im pumped for AJ's contract, he will win BFG and we can figure it out from there. Even if the giant snatch i replied to is right, hopefully TNA keeps their main pieces together before selling into WWE.
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  11. lolObserver

    Typical "TNA is in a bad shape" report. And how obvious is the "it feels like the dying days of original ECW" trick? Ha ha.
  12. Hope dat AJ continues ta work fo' TNA. Dixie need ta search fo' talent up in mo' betta places then a cold-ass lil college footbizzle game.
  13. Well if Dixie was at a college game than it probably means she's not worried about the company "dying" wouldn't it? I don't see the big deal.
  14. Good to know AJ will stick around until the end of the year.
  15. LOL @ the fuss around the stupid IWC because Dixie missed one taping.

    "OMG she is so dumb, TNA is dying and she is missing tapings!!" :terry:
  16. inb4...Vince shows up at a TNA live broadcast and announces he's bought TNA.


  17. I can gurantee AJ will be done with TNA before TNA even does these shows in the UK
  18. Go fuck your mother.
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