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    By Tanya Diente | October 15, 2014 1:02 PM EST

    Following the success of his portrayal as Drax "The Destroyer" in "Guardians of the Galaxy," WWE star Dave Batista has reportedly grabbed the role of the villain Hinx in "James Bond 24." His new Hollywood movie involvement could allegedly put a hold on his wrestling career especially his participation at Wrestlemania 31.
    Rumours broke a few weeks ago about the casting call for Hinx in "James Bond 24." According to Movieweb, producers wanted someone who can portray a resemblance to the iconic 007 villains Oddjob and Jaws. The team was reportedly looking for an actor between 30 and 45 years old who is over six feet tall.

    Now Wrestlinginc has confirmed that Dave Batista has landed the role of "iconic baddy." Standing at 6'6", the 45-year-old WWE star will be the main henchman or assassin in "James Bond 24." Portraying the role of Hinx requires the actor to be physically fit since he will have several fight scenes with agent 007. Dave Batista, whose real name is Dave Bautista, will reportedly also need stunt training and driver's training. Being an active participant of the extreme physical sport of wrestling has also landed him the role. Casting call was also out for a Hinx actor who comes from a sports background.

    However, landing the role of Hinx in "James Bond 24" may put a hold to Dave Batista's wrestling career. According to Inquisitr, he may put off appearances in the Royal Rumble 2015 and Wrestlemania 31. The 45-year-old is reportedly getting older and has supposedly eyed Wrestlemania to be his farewell WWE participation.

    Additionally, Dave Batista was supposedly expected by WWE officials to hold off hisHollywood profession even for a short time so he can focus on his wrestling career. He was reportedly originally paired up for a match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 30 for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. He was assured of the title long enough before returning to promote "Guardians of the Galaxy." Unfortunately, according to the report, that deal never happened, which left the wrestler to forego his desire for "creative control" over his WWE fights.

    Filming for "James Bond 24" begins on Dec. 6. Along with Dave Batista as Hinx, Daniel Craig will reprise his role as James Bond for the fourth time.
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  2. His WWE career is/should be over. Stay gone, Batista. We don't need you coming back.
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    I love it when Batista quits. His heel runs are magic. Batista should travel the country and quit. It's inspiring and moving.
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  4. We should call it Batista's 'I Quit' movement.
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  5. Racked. Quote of the day.
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  6. can I throw my 2 cents in about Batista?
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  7. Nah, they don't do 'em anymore... Or so it seems. :letroll:
  8. he was good at one time but when he came back to wrestle and win the belt just to leave again STAY GONE Lol WWE doesnt need ur Bald ass here anymore
  9. Yes
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  10. already have said my 2 cents about him
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  11. Fight scenes with an iconic movie character like James Bond >>>>> Wrestling matches with the likes of John Cena/Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/etc.
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  12. Obviously best for Batista, question is why do producers want this scrub ass bum around
  13. Miss him
  14. Batista's also set to star in some sort of Kickboxer remake, he'll portray Tong Po. Which is cool, but Tong Po, the character, is not American. lol
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  15. LOL o god when is that coming out I want to make sure to see that so i can Laugh XD
  16. It's supposed to be out some time in 2015. Batista should've portrayed some other character, in my opinion.
    I mean, why would they have an actor who's American portray the character of a man who's from Thailand? Doesn't really make sense. But I'll be sure to watch the movie when it's out.

    But yeah, these are good series of Kickboxer movies. Especially the very first one from 1989, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  17. the year I was born cool i will have to see it and then write a review about it on here
  18. Yeah, sure. But use the actual movie thread. lol
  19. :awyeah:
  20. Kind of like Tom Cruise in 'The Last Samurai.' :george:

    But in all seriousness, Batista mentioned on Jericho's podcast a couple months ago that they were re-writing some portions of the script to make it different from the original movie. So it's possible that the character in the remake is gonna be portrayed as an American instead or something.
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