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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Well I would hope so lol. He's their most over superstar right now with the crowds.
  2. I dont see how they can push him in a big way after last night.
  3. It can still be a triple thread match at Wrestlemania, Batista could put his rumble spot "on the line" in a match, the WWE Championship could be in a Elimination Chamber match at the self named Pay-Per-View and Daniel can win it, Batista could get injured and they give the spot to Bryan, and other possible ways.
  4. Hopefully, they seem to just want to kill his overness like they did with Ziggler.
  5. The more they try to kill it, the more over he gets lol.
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  6. True lmao.
  7. Did you not hear the Ziggler chants last night?
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  8. Yes and WWE have been trying to kill it.
  9. I don't want Bryan to be pushed AFTER wrestlemania, I want him to be the star of WM season. The only thing Vince can do now to redeem himself is have Bryan win the title in the Chamber next month, and then successfully defend against a heel Batista (joins authority) at WrestleMania.
  10. Sounds like a typical dirtsheet, just speculating on backstage WWE happenings and not really giving evidence. I'm not going to get excited or whatever, I'm past that with the E. I can only hope and pray now...
  11. lmao well no fucking shit, what a stupid ass report.

    Nah, I thought surely he'd go on the backburner now... ffs
  12. btw, he's going to be facing Taker at Mania most likely for all the butt hurt marks out there.
  13. Don't see why. Kayfabe, he's nowhere near that position. When was the last time he won a singles match at a PPV? He's going to need to do a lot in the next month to look like a credible threat to the Streak (kayfabe). This isn't like post-MITB, Bryan marks have a right to be butthurt.

    He'll be in some random, meaningless undercard match.
  14. Taker has stated he wants to work with DB. You think he doesn't have any say in that type of thing lol? And look at how the other pieces have already fallen into place with Wyatt/Cena and Batista winning the RR. I would bet anything it is Bryan's match vs the streak
  15. Taker v Bryan :yay: I could only hope for it
  16. At WM The Streak match is bigger than the Championship match, so if Vince doesn't trust Bryan with a short title run, no way is he getting the once a year opportunity. Vince gets hard over the thought of Brock/Taker. Hahaha Bryan facing the streak is ridiculous idea. Won't happen.
  17. So you think Vince/WWE will just say "Fuck you Taker, we know you wanted to face DB, but fuck you. You get Brock, who is going to beat the absolute shit out of your old, broken down ass. Because that's how we treat our oldest, most proven and loyal star in WWE history, because again, fuck you Taker, go get raped by Brock now."

    get real dude. Taker has more pull than you are giving him credit for. He wants to work with DB, he'll work with DB.
  18. Well we'll see won't we. If Taker's scared of Brock then Sheamus will probably step in. Notice he was in the final three yesterday, and is Hunter's friend.
  19. If Sheamus v Taker happens......idk what I would do
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