Update on Christian Return

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 29, 2013.

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  2. Christian would put Antonio over like a champ, it'd not boost his credability greatly as it's only CC but it would be good for him all the same.
  3. Wait, so you're saying there could be a US Title match added to WM? There's already 10 matches, with the triple main event bound to last for a long time, plus a P-Diddy concert... Holy crap, is Mania lasting five hours or something?

    Christian's injured again? Damn son.
  4. So that would be the second NWA champion Cesaro goes over right? Or have I missed someone?
  5. Christian putting Cesaro over would be great. Captain Charisma does hold a victory over Antonio if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Whats the point if he is coming back just to job?
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  7. WHC match: 13 seconds :pity:
  8. :no:
  9. My baby Captain Charisma is back. :win:
  10. I like Christian but Edge is alot better.
  11. :true:
  12. Arent you a guy IRL?
  13. Nope. Aren't you a woman in real life? :otunga:
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  15. In my dreams.

    Sorry must be someone with a similar name. That, and you being in SP automatically assumes you are male or had to repeatedly tell Randy you arent a guy. :pity2:
  16. I love you :cornette:


    That last part... :yes:
  17. :goatface::notsure:
  18. Wish he would get one last run with the WHC then bow out putting someone over like Cesaro into the ME.
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  20. Stop spamming
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