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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Sep 5, 2012.

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  2. Makes sense I guess.
  3. OK, I'm sure their feud will be very good.
  4. Meh, Cesaro is SO boring.
  5. No different than his "I'm very European" gimmick
  6. Terrible, he's a great wrestler.
  7. Yes, he's a great wrestler. I never said he wasn't bud. He's just incredibly boring. His mic skills are lacking from what I've seen, this 5 language gimmick (which isn't even correct) is even more humiliating.
  8. I agree. Hopefully Christian could bring the best out of him.
  9. Well that isn't his fault really. His gimmick is ok now, but he is decent on the mic when someone gives him something. I will say I hate his music. Talent wise though, he's very good.
  10. I've not seen any great WWE mic work from him. I've probably missed some decent promos outside of WWE, I'd love for someone to post them. But so far he looks like a Swagger level talker, or a Justin Gabriel level talker. In modern WWE, if you can't talk -- or don't have a manager to do it for you -- then you're in trouble.

    And yeah he possibly has THE worst theme in WWE. I would have kept him with Hero to be honest, there was no need to split them.
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  11. His RoH stuff was clearly his best. Most of his Indy work was really good, his mic work has never been elite, but he is pretty decent. I think everyone can agree that we would rather have him with Hero.
  12. I meant the matches. Although Christian could carry the promos. And yeah, his theme is horrible.
  13. Well damn. I'd love to see a PPV-length match between the two, and in a roster as depleted as it is they need Christian's working ability... hopefully WWE can bring him back sooner than BFG.

    But why are they keeping him off TV for this? That makes no sense.

    As for Cesaro, the 5 Languages thing is great when rubbing it in peoples faces, but that's the only time it's a good idea or will ever be a good idea. It just shows he's smart enough to learn those languages... well, intelligence is pretty much frowned upon in the world today so maybe it is a good idea. Nice job staying in touch, WWE
  14. Reason they're keeping him off TV is basically so his fans forget about him for a bit. If he was doing well and constantly appearing in WWE and keeping his fanbase happy (and growing it), then TNA advertising Christian's appearance could make some WWE fans convert to see Christian, like the product and continue to watch TNA. It's stupid but logical to say he least.
  15. That's actually a pretty valid point. Why have a strong push on tv when he's going to appear on a top ppv on another promotion.
  16. Good, so at least they're not being complete idiots like I thought they were.
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