News Update on CM Punk return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 6, 2013.

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  2. lol, but I still miss Punk. Aside from the Shield, he was one of the only reasons to watch.
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  3. Day 234, and dirtsheets are still writing bullshit dates for CM Punk's return. Ran out of water, better drink my own piss.
  4. Make an official Punk return thread please fuck 25 different speculation threads
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  5. I think it's kind of nice not knowing. So much is known ahead of time now that I'm enjoying the fact I could be totally surprised by him reappearing on Raw one night!
  6. Whilst a Punk fan. I hope it's a decent length of time to heal up and return as close to 100% as is possible.
  7. Punk is a great superstar hopefully he'll make a great return.
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  8. Hoping he has a nice story written out for him when he returns too.
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  9. Cya at summerslam punk
  10. I could see him making an apperance at the PPV in chi town next month.
  11. There was a report claiming that exact thing ^. Him returning at Payback in Chicago.
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