News Update on Daniel Bryan return

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    Thought it was worth sharing with you all sounds like roman reigns is still gunna win the rumble :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. I'm glad he is returning, but i'm seriously disappointed at the fact that Roman will win. -.-
  3. Meltzer as useful as always
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  4. They should've just brought him in as a surprise entrant, I feel like it would've had a bigger impact.
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  5. I agree. I'm assuming the WWE Network is going to make WWE refrain from keeping some of the biggest names from being surprises. At least, that is, until they have a comfortable subscription population. They probably thought Daniel Bryan being announced beforehand would increase buys. But I wholly agree... with as long as Bryan has been gone, keeping his return under wraps until the Rumble entrance would have been much better.
  6. That's definitely a possibility as to why they decided to make that choice.
  7. Bryan's winning it, guys! Relax. Just wait and see.
  8. Wouldn't say Bryan's winning it.
  9. I'm saying he is. Screw Reigns, he can wait next year or the year after that.
  10. Well, I don't think Reigns should win, but they're probably going to do it. If it's about waiting, well, Bryan can wait too if he's not retiring soon or anything. Plus iirc last WM we just had Bryan overcoming the odds and winning the belt, it's not like we're in for anything new at WM if he does it again.
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't be shocked if they decided to go the easier and more stupid route and have Reigns win the Rumble and have a clusterfuck match against Bork at Mania.

    But, they could give us something new and electric. Bryan vs Lesnar at WM 31, for instance. I mean, Bryan doesn't have to win the Rumble to be in the ME of WM, we saw that last year. I'm just stating the obvious, Bryan or anyone for that matter against Bork is better than Reigns vs Bork.
  12. Well, Reigns vs Lesnar would be new, too. One could argue that Bryan getting a big win at WM (assuming he'd go over, which anyone who fights Lesnar at WM probably will because his reign will have been long enough by then considering he's a part timer) isn't really new either. But yeah, Reigns isn't ready for this imo.
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  13. Just a reminder: at this point last year, CM Punk was winning the Rumble. Plans change.

    As to the possibility of Dragon winning the Rumble, it is actually much more compelling to have Bryan beat Lesnar for the title (cue all the jackasses saying, "but that's just no believable imho"...."Lesnar's a badass mofo who could squash a vanilla midget like Bryan imho"...."Bork RAGE and SMASH...imho").

    Reigns would have the aura of inevitability (a big, good-looking "prototypical" main event stud who's only been "around" for a relatively short time and is now getting a shot at taking down the Beast Incarnate), which has its own draw and I won't say it's a bad idea....WWE has come up with much worse. I just think it makes more sense to see what Reigns can do as a midcard champion before giving him the big belt. Bryan, on the other hand, has the added bonus of being a proven commodity who the fans really get behind despite the fact, actually more like because of the fact, that he's not the prototypical guy.

    As to the "time" factor, Dragon's 33 and Roman's and Roman's 29. This is a business where you can still have guys in the main event scene into their 40's and 50's if they're good enough and durable enough. Both guys have plenty of time, from that perspective, to win future Rumbles and main event Wrestlemanias. That's basically a non-factor.

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  14. Punk was never penciled in for winning the Rumble match?
  15. Every rumor I heard (and that's all this is, too, by the way, a rumor) said that Punk was the backstage favorite to win the Rumble and main event Mania 30 until Batista signed. I may be off on my timing and it was December of 2013 and not January of 2014, but the point remains: plans change.

  16. Before Batista came out to play, there were only two guys who could win the Rumble at that time, Punk and Bryan.
    I would've been cool with Punk winning it, and since the guy is so fixated on main eventing WM, I'm sure he wouldn't mind putting Bryan over at WM 30.
    But, what's done is done and we're moving on.

    Agreed. It is much compelling to have D-Bry defeat The Beast, it'd be the ultimate David defeating the ultimate Goliath, plus his whole 'B+' player story would come full circle by defeating Lesnar.

    Reigns is the prototypical ME star, but he's still green in a sense. Let him hold a midcard title first, by defeating Rusev and see how that one goes, before pushing him to stardom.

    Needless to say I'd love it if Bryan won the Rumble, so here's to hoping he does.
  17. HHH should've unified the belts at TLC and dropped to Bryan at WM. That would've been stuff of legend.
  18. Good thing Reigns is still penciled in for the win.
  19. Fine with me, as long as Rollins cashes in on him or whoever's the champ at Mania. :happy:
  20. I'd be jacked if Bryan turned and went after Orton for a summer feud TBH. I doubt it happens, but it's going to have to be something huge for him to get back to where he was...this might be better IMO. THey feud for the summer before a double turn at SS?