Update on Expiring TNA Contracts

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. #KeepBullyandDevon :bury:
  2. lol @ them letting Bully's contract come this close to expiring with an extension.

    they better get things done
  3. Keep Ray definitely, probably the best heel in the company srs. Devon can go for me, drop the TV title to someone such as King and merge it with the X division title. They have too many midcard belts for one show.
  4. Forget being the best heel in the company.. Roode and Ray are the two best heels in wrestling
  5. Bully ray to WWE..... Squash match against big slow.... #wwelogic
  6. Bully Ray is doing great in Impact Wrestling and is my favorite heel today. They need to keep them, he brings in ratings with his humorous attitude with the Twitter, and he is one of the top heels today. As for Devon I like him there too, I think he is a good wrestler and I like his matches, just wish he would give that Television Championship to someone else soon. If either of them go to WWE though, I doubt either of them would be used properly, especially if they aren't together.
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  7. I thought TNAsylum just reported that Bully and TNA were close to a deal, since TNA ponied up more money.
  8. Gotta keep Ray, best heel in TNA and oner of my main reasons I watch anyway.
  10. Keep them both ffs, they're the true bosses.
  11. Justin Labar on Wrestlezone, referencing PWinsider
  12. Bully Ray has right here, unfortunately. TNA waited too long, shame on them. I for God's name hope they'll stay.

    Also, Velvet Sky won't be back anytime soon, according to PWInsider.
  13. I hate Labar. Usually can't spell for Shit. He's got the grammar of Randy..

    - - - - -

    I think it would be a coup for WWE to hire these two. To Revive the tag-team division.
  14. check for updates from Bullys twitter machine!
  15. Not even Bully and Devon can save the tag-team division in WWE. You're kidding yourselves.
  16. I don't see this hate for Labar. Labar spells just fine. Personally my favorite wrestling reporter has to Ocal since he has some real credibility to him with actually working for a major Canadian sports network.
  17. Bully Ray and Devon might also be playing some politcs here as well. WWE for sure noticed Bully's tremendous work and contacted him/them and put some offers on the desk, so Bully could be playing the mastermind in this situation IMO. 15-20 yrs in the biz, do not underestimate this fellow.
  18. Devon!!!!! Get the mind games started!!!!
  19. hasn't he also worked as an agent in both TNA and ECW as well? Ray is without a doubt a smart business man and knows how to negotiate.
  20. On the Twittah Machine, Bully Ray seemingly commented on the ongoing contract negotiation rumors. He said:
    After receiving mixed feedback, Ray Tweeted again:
    If you want TNA and Bully Ray to continue working together, let Dixie Carter know and let Bully Ray know @TNADixie and @RealBully5150

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