Update On Hall Of Fame Inductors

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 27, 2013.

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  2. Funk for Foley? Awesome.
  3. Nice.Good news
  4. Always good to see Funk.
  5. Funk for Foley an Lita for Trish boom.
  7. Off topic, but is Funk still wrestling? lol
  8. that so cool that lita is going to inducted trish stratus into the hall fame I am a big fan of both of them
  9. Lita for Trish. Oh My God, i'm gonna cry at the Hall Of Fame Ceremony this year!
  10. I'd say so.
  11. I don't get why Shwartzneggar should be inducting Bruno.
  12. Good personal friends.
  13. I know that but why him?
  14. Cry? Surely u mean fap?
  15. At least Lita returning to induct Trish
  16. :gusta:
  17. These are pretty good names for inductions, but is there any word on who's inducting trump. More than likely Vince right?

    Lita inducting Trish seems kind of off to me, though I can see how it'd work. It would be cool to see Tensai there as well
  18. Why they have Trump getting inducted, I don't know. The only WWE thing he's done was host Wrestlemania. And Have the Battle of Billionaires match.
  19. didn't Trish just reveal that Lita isn't inducting her?
  20. Aww man. I got excited but then you said Lita wasn't inducting her.
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