News Update on Hemme/Aries incident

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  1. Last Thursday on Impact Wrestling, TNA ring announcer Christy Hemme mistakenly introduced Austin Aries and tag team partner Bobby Roode as their opponents for the evening, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. This led Aries to corner the inaugural winner of WWE’s Diva Search in the ring as he intimidated her into correctly introducing him before climbing onto a second-level turnbuckle and shoving his groin near her face. According to a source within the organization, the scene was not pre-planned.
    In response to whether the former WWE Diva was legitimately bothered by Aries’ actions on Impact, the source responded, “Of course, she was. How would you react? It’s one thing if that was set up as a work earlier in the day, and even then our girls would have to reassure our agents over and over again that they would be okay with that spot before it got approved for television.”
    The source adds that he believes she was “technically sexually harassed.”
    Following the show, Hemme voiced her displeasure with Aries’ actions via Twitter, deeming it “unacceptable.” Late Saturday night, Aries appeared to address the incident though the social networking outlet, writing, “Pretty nuts, some of the junk people get the balls to say over the net, knowing they couldn’t to your face…Eh, anyway, time to sack out.”
    God is this an overreaction, Aries should apologise but they are making this something it isnt, He was being the great heel he is.​

  2. The bitch should be honoured to have that beautiful sack in her face.
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  3. I would Many people would pay money to have his package in their face. She should be thanking him for the opportunity.
  4. Classic pussies on the dirtsheets and wrestling websites, get lost already.
  5. Also, lol @ "one source". That phrase will never go away.:idk:
  6. Hahaha his tweet.
  7. I don't see anything wrong. Aries is well known to give wrestlers a 'slap' when they mess up in the ring. I remember on the UK tour in early 2012, Haskins had a match against Aries and horribly botched a shooting star press (more than likely injuring his neck) and what does Aries do? Picks him up, spikes a Brainbuster and locks in Last Chancery for good measure. That maybe could have caused a bit of a stir but nothing was said. Christy Hemme has always came across to me as thinking she's more of a big deal than she actually is.

    Aries humiliating Hemme for a very poor botch on her behalf by getting a little close - all the while playing into his gimmick and persona - is fine by me.

    I'd still tap that though.
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  8. Christy Hemme clearly doesn't know what staying in character and acting like a asshole is all about lol.
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  10. hahahahaha such a great tweet
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