Update on Henry

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Rumble?
  2. Probably. Will mark a little tbh.
  3. Would be a decent surprise entrant in the Rumble, I suppose.
  4. Yeah , I love Mark Henry , and his cock , HE IS SO TALENTED!
  5. Omfg :facepalm:
  6. Why? R u jealous? :smug:
  7. Dafuq man?!?
  8. U the pedobear that used to be on these forums in the past?
  9. It depends,, do u know the past pedobear?
  10. Yeah I used to know him on here. Made me laugh all the time tbh.
  11. Your welcome my friend, I'm glad I made you laugh
  12. Re: RE: Update on Henry

    That isn't you....
  13. It was me, the one and only PEDOBEAR
  14. Re: RE: Update on Henry

    What was your other username then?
  15. Don't want a Rumble return as he isn't going to win it, so him just getting eliminated (if he's a heel) is anti-climactic. However, if he's a face I seriously don't care either way.
  16. I dont remember it that's why I made a new one
  17. Pretty much this. Happy to see him back, not that much if he's supposed to come back and get thrown out, and if he comes back as the jolly kool-aid Henry with the red singlet... :downer:
  18. Who is your source? Just wondering? I've read that he's not ready yet.
  19. Re: RE: Update on Henry

    Guessing his twittah machine
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