Update on I'm with Spud Wednesday

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    Rockstar Spud has taken legal actation against Robbie E and had his lawer present Robbie E with a cease and desist order for the production of I'm With Spud Wednesday or currently referred to as I'm with Robbie E Wednesday. The below has been exchanged between the two disputing parties.

    Mr @RobbieEImpact.....Please read carefully. You have been served my friend. @IMPACTWRESTLING has copies as well. pic.twitter.com/64dawnlKXA

    — Joseph Park (@JOSEPHPARK_esq) March 19, 2015
    Robbie E Responded to the cease and desist..

    @JOSEPHPARK_esq @IMPACTWRESTLING this is bogus!!!!!!

    — Robbie E (@RobbieEImpact) March 19, 2015

    IMPACTWRESTLING.COM has reached out to Rockstar Spud for comment who stated, "All I want is my show back, Robbie E stole it from me and ruined it... just ruined it!." When reaching Robbie E for a statement he would not comment and simply kept asking if we knew why Rockstar Spud wouldn't answer any of his facebook messages.

    **Transcript of Cease and Desist**

    March 18, 2015
    Via Twitter
    Mr. Robbie E
    Re: Robbie E v. Rockstar Spud Dear Mr. E:

    Our law firm (Park, Park & Park) represents Rockstar Spud. This letter is served upon you pursuant to Rule 615.01 of the Wrestling Commission of Gimmicks and Such wherein demand is made upon you to cease and desist your unlawful production of Rockstar Spud's Weekly Show "I'm With Spud Wednesday".

    You signed a booking agreement (“Agreement”) with Rockstar Spud on an episode of "I'm With Spud Wednesday". The fact that the agreement was altered after being signed by Rockstar Spud is a complete breach and violation of the Agreement. The Agreement was carefully drafted on a Sharkboy 8x10 to provide that you would be employed by Rockstar Spud for the duration of one (1) show where Rockstar Spud has made efforts during the term of the Agreement to come to an agreement despite you not actually having performed your part of the agreement. More specifically, the Agreement provides that:

    Wrestler will provide service at one (1) I'm With Spud Wednesday Wrestling (IWSWW) event.

    As the services per the agreement were not provided by you, Robbie E, your absorption of the web show "I'm with
    Spud Wednesday" has no basis. In your doing so It has come to our attention that you are ruining Rockstar Spud's web show and his clients (YouTube channel Subscribers) have voiced their disdain for your terrible shows. All based on my client's inability to pay the 1 Million Dollars for services never provided. Accordingly, you are in breach and in direct violation of your agreement. Additionally, by ruining Rockstar Spud's show, you are tortiously interfering with the entertainment provided by Rockstar Spud to his adoring fans.

    If you continue to produce the webshow "I'm with Spud Wednesday" under this or any other name and you do not cease being terrible, a lawsuit will be commenced against you . We will immediately seek a temporary restraining order in Wrestler's Court against both you, and will also bring a cause of action for breach of contract and tortious interference with contract against you, seeking damages to be proved at trial. Hopefully this recourse is not necessary, but my client has his own interests to protect and will vigorously do so.

    You will not receive another warning letter from this office. If you do not confirm in writing to our office by March 25, 2015 that you will cease production of "I m With Spud Wednesday" and tortiously interfering with Rockstar Spud’s agreements with his adoring fans, a lawsuit will be commenced immediately.

    Very truly yours, Joseph Park

    Rockstar Spud

    It is expected that there will be a trial in Wrestlers Court, conveniently starting next Wednesday. Visit impactwrestling.com for coverage of the trial.


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