Update on John Cena's accident

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. WWE.com has learned that John Cena has been involved in a three-car accident in Philadelphia. The SUV the WWE Superstar was traveling in was reportedly rear ended by a Honda Civic, which had been rear ended by a tractor trailer. (PHOTOS)

    “We were doing some early morning media for the event tonight in Philadelphia and we got in a car accident,” Cena told WWE.com. “The Civic was totaled, but no one was hurt, believe it or not.”

    Although Cena claims to be 100 percent, the Superstar is still set to meet with WWE medical personnel today at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. Cena was scheduled to face Mark Henry on tonight’s Raw SuperShow – a match, which according to Cena, will go on as planned.

    “I’ve been in plenty of car wrecks before,” the former WWE Champion said. “I’m in one piece and I can still do battle with The World’s Strongest Man tonight.”

    According to Cena’s driver, Jules Anderson, the accident occurred around 11:30 a.m., when Cena’s vehicle was traveling eastbound on Rt. 76. The SUV sustained damage in the rear, according to Anderson, who added that Cena was on a phone meeting at the time of the collision.

    The Cenation Commander in Chief’s celebrity may have helped calm the waters between the other drivers, who were arguing after the incident. According to Anderson, once he informed the other drivers that his passenger was the former 12-time World Champion, tempers cooled.

    In less than two weeks, Cena will face The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII in the most anticipated bout in WWE history. The effect this accident will have on the Cenation leader remains to be seen. WWE.com will stay with this story as it develops

    Photo's: http://www.wwe.com/inside/john-cena-car-accident-photos

    Sources: www.wwe.com
  2. Wow. Not that I'd expect any less, but the car was barely damaged. Oh sorry, the hood ornament unlatched.
  3. Yeah SUV's are pretty hard to break, but still.. You still can get a whiplash from a accident like that.
  4. Looks like he handled it really well to be honest.
  5. If WWE makes a big deal of it on Raw tonight. Look for it to be a wrestlemania excuse If Rock goes over
  6. Guess they really couldn't see him.
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  7. Nah, it might be involved in a John Cena promo like "I had a car accident and I'm still here" but I don't expect it to be mentioned by anyone other than announcers.
  8. Naa I don't think so, remember what Cena did after his neck injury?
    Mad respect for him, watch the full video's:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:
  9. Wow, that was a good watch.
  10. It's true though. I'm sure he's very respected in the back for his hard work and diligence.
  11. Great I gress the Cena will most likely not wrestle until WM28 now! That most likely find away to get him out of his match with Mark Henry somehow! So that can rest for his WM28 match as that don't want this match not have been! After 1 year of build!
  12. Rise Above Honda Civics.
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  13. Nexus beatings hurt more than Honda Civics.

    You can hit Cena with a car, and he'll still no-sell that shit.

    Anyone know where Rikishi is?
  14. I think you have some reading problems.

    “I’ve been in plenty of car wrecks before,” the former WWE Champion said. “I’m in one piece and I can still do battle with The World’s Strongest Man tonight.”

    He will be at Raw tonight, and sure will be at Wrestlemania 28.

    Yeah man, he sure is a die hard.

    Rikishi is still wrestling. Just indy work.
  15. Lmao I see what you did.
  17. What are you trying to say with this video?
  18. I'm jokingly implying that Rikishi ran him over.
    Figured people would get the joke at first.
  19. Ah, now I get it. lol
  20. I got it. Surprised it didn't come up in the first page, lol.
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