Update on Lesnar

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 3, 2013.

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  2. We've already seen a match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. WWE sometimes piss me off, what is it going to do for both of their careers? Nothing. So why do it? Oh, because Triple H wants to be the center of attention.
  3. Fucking FACEPALM at them doing Trips/Lesnar again. If true, of course.
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  4. Yep, I don't know why they would waste Lesnar on a semi-retired guy, instead of him putting over a younger talent.
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    Money, Vince is getting what he can.
  6. ^This & so much of it.

    If this is going to be Lesnar's last year in the WWE he should use that year to put one of the guys over. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Ryback, in fact this maybe the proper push for Sheamus (because KOTR, Royal Rumble, & his WWE title run sure didn't work)
  7. :finger: Sheamus, give someone else a shot.
  8. I think Sheamus would have a good match with the guy and it'd get people to take him seriously. I'll be the 1st one to tell you that Sheamus is an overpushed waste of time, but that match is actually believable and it'll actually force the guy to be a little bit more grittier with his character.
  9. Why would Lesnar have anything to do with Sheamus kayfabe wise?
  10. You know how many times Sheamus has run down to the ring to save someone for no reason what so ever. If you want to look at it more in depth, go back to when Brock puts the Kimura on HHH during one of the episodes of Raw, a bunch of superstars run out, but Sheamus does his job of making sure he stands out, you'll see.
  11. :ohgod: no!
  12. God I just don't get why are they insisting on HHH/Brock 2, Rock/Brock would be a million times better.
  13. Rock/Brock wouldn't do anything for anybody. IMO bringing in the part timers is only a good idea if they're putting over guys that need a rub. Putting Brock up against Cena and HHH has been a pointless exercise. Rock will probably put Cena over at WM :eww: there's nothing that can be done there. At least they should use Brock to make Ryback, or someone else that needs to be elevated.
  14. The whole thing sucks, and I agree with you 100%...
    If you are ever going to make a part-timer return, you never put him against another part-timer, I'm just saying that if they are doing it either way then Rock/Brock >>>>> HHH/Brock..

    WWE are just stupid, they want a part-timer to return, end the longest reign in WWE Championship history instead of using this reign to put someone young over , and on the other hand have another 2 part-timers have a match that won't benefit anyone in the long run...

    Triple H is retiring soon, and Brock and Rock is leaving after WM, AND wm29 Will be remembered as the part-timers party with no full-timer getting anything from it, except maybe for Cena who will have his win back against The Rock
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    Hester annoys the fuck outta me with that horrible chant, Barry is the best of the bunch imo

    Ps fun bonus fact my tablet attempts to auto correct his name to he's terrible.
  17. Barry is the best, I'm with you there. However, every time I have to say yep, I can't help myself from saying "YUUUP!"
  18. HHH/Brock 2 and Cena/Rock 2 as strong possibilities for WM 29 ..... SO glad they're coming up with fresh new ideas and matches for WrestleManias. :pity:
  19. wish meltzer was the source as it would mean its bs
  20. Nice! $$$$$$$
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