Update on Lesnar's WWE future

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Discuss it peeps, will he resign or not if offerd?

  2. I think he'll resign this is the easiest way for Lesnar to make money. He's not even actually doing that much. If he get's offered another 5 million for the same amount of dates he should rip there hand off.
  3. Definitely will resign.
  4. Lesnar doesn't care about the WWE, he's just money hungry, and probably a douche in real life.
  5. Yeah, he'll probably resign if the contract is similar to this one. It'd be nice if they used him correctly for once, though.
  6. Pretty humble and chill, actually.
  7. Lesnar is ok in real life.
    But right now he doesn't really care about the 'E.
  8. Why should he? How many people really 'care' about the companies they work for?
  9. It's not a necessity but I think fans appreciate it when you do have genuine passion for the business, like Cena and HHH for example. It's no myth that Lesnar is there only for the money - that's obvious - but I personally don't care, he's probably the most entertaining thing in WWE at the moment and will be until he leaves so why not enjoy it? Him not having passion for WWE doesn't result in me not finding him entertaining on screen.
  10. I really don't care if he "cares" for the company or not, as long as I'm entertained when he's on my TV screen. All this "love for the business" garbage is overrated. Sure, Cena loves the business but he's boring and lame as fuck, I'd rather watch Lesnar or The Rock (who are $ell0ut meani3z!) any day.

    Anyway, I hope he resigns, would be awesome if he was on TV a lot more than he is now. Kinda sucks only seeing him once a couple months and shit.
  11. Friggin sick. Resign please..
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  12. thought you meant resign :dafuq:

    he will ask for more.
  13. He'll resign, he likes money, and resigning will be the easiest way to do it. He'll be showing very little, working off hie reputation for the most part since they'll use it in promos, and stuff, and probally fight 6 times a year.
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