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  1. When asked on Twitter if Lockdown was going to be an all-cage PPV, TNA Knockout SoCal Val responded:

    "All cage. All the time. You can call it "Cage-riffic" if you'd like...."

  2. Changes to Lockdown PPV?

    Kind of disappointed if true :sad:
  3. Change in Lockdown Format This Year

    Good news. Booking a show with only gimmick matches (especially the same one) is bound to get hard.
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  4. RE: Changes to Lockdown PPV?

    Shit Win beat me to it have to close this.
  5. RE: Change in Lockdown Format This Year

    Kind of disappointed tbh.
  6. Change in Lockdown Format This Year

    Well, it'll be the first Lockdown I watch as a full time fan so not really disappointed.
  7. RE: Change in Lockdown Format This Year

    Yep. Example is in both past years, not to go any further than that in the past editions of Lockdown history.

    - Sting vs. BVD vs. Anderson in Cage match, yet it didn't need the cage at at all
    - Kaz vs. Homicide vs. Moore also didn't need the cage
    - RVD vs. Storm guess what, didn't need the stipulation

    Bottom line, most of the Lockdown cards were well built so most of them ended at Lockdown, in a cage, so that was nice.

    But also, you could find at least one or two matches at every Lockdown matchcard that didn't fit the cage gimmick at all, so that's why I welcome this move very much.
  8. RE: Change in Lockdown Format This Year

    Fuck it now.:upset:
  9. NO!! such a cheap format, i get it's easier just to keep the cage down, but so many matches will be lackluster because of it. What i do love is the X-division match, A&8s, and the ME being hardy. I would prefer 2 matches back to back cages, and the others before not, i always loved when commentary would discuss the matches WHILE the cages were being sent down.
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  10. Not "so many", but 2 or 3 certainly. It's like that every year practically.
  11. Yep completely agree. By the time the ME comes the stipulation will become meaningless really (although I guess not so much with Hardy). Fuck matches like Wes/Angle being in the cage, so pointless.
  12. Aside from that faction which has been attacking Kurt and is aligned with Wes? The cage is symbolic there kid, it's supposed to be a boundary to stop interference, same could be argued for the ME as they attacked Hardy too. I kind of like Lock down all cage, it's a part of TNA its own Lil way.
  13. Yeah that was probably the wrong match to be complaining about, I think it's more a case of me being meh about the match - the cage is logical I guess. Don't see the point in pretty irrelevant lower card matches having cages though at all, makes it feel less special for the matches where it is required.
  14. Whether you like this no changing or not, it's a fact Lockdown has been a unique TNA concept, almost every year the best PPV of the year, offered us some great cage matches and moments. I hope this year's edition will be one of it.

    And @"R Albin" , have you seen Angle one on one Lockdown matches? :george: They're insane (literally). Hence why I'm looking forward to this one too.
  15. Kurt vs Joe at Lockdown 08 (I think) is one of my favourite matches from both guys. Also AJ's "fuck this shit I'm gonna kill myself........ again" moments in Lethal Lockdown.

    Angle vs Joe for you fagz who think TNA fuck sucks.

    AJ fuk this music though...



  16. I have seen the one Seabs posted above after being advised to watch it, and it was awesome. Thing that confuses me about that match is the 'we want wrestling' chants, it was largely UFC based but it was still awesome.

    Good point with it being Angle, yeah I'm not particularly fussed with Briscoe but watching Angle hopefully do a moonsault/whatever else off the cage will be awesome.
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