Update on Locker Room Rules + New Group

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  1. As you know, we're very lenient here, but I think it's being taken advantage of in the Locker Room, so much so that sometimes the threads are simply embarrassing. So I've updated the rules there and Staff will now be more felt around that section.

    Naturally, it will still be our most LQ section and I have no problem with that, users need a place to blow off steam and ignore wrestling for a few hours. This post will obviously cause some users to think we're suddenly going to become nazi style moderators in that section -- we're not -- we'll simply act upon threads which are of real bad quality by junking them. If your thread gets junked and you think it's unfair, you're welcome to PM Staff and they will reply with their reasoning.

    Our main method of actually stopping repeat offenders is simple, we have created a "limited" user group. This user group has all the permissions that you usually have, it simply means you will not be able to post in both the introductions section and the locker room, everywhere else will still be available. However, if you are a superstar/legend with extra features, you will lose them for however long you are in the group. If you keep repeat offending, you'll have one week in the group. If you continue after, the time limit just gets increased. I doubt any of you will even make it into the group as you all tend to be quality users who abide by the few rules we have, but it's just here as a precaution.

    Thanks, I'm open to answer any questions as some will naturally be confused. Reminder, it's only the real obvious LQ threads that serve no purpose that will be junked. It's no way going to be super super strict, so don't worry.
  2. About time, glad to see that there won't be anymore shitty threads now.
  3. Are these threads like they "I hate blahblahblah" threads or like a thread with just a smiley in?
  4. More the latter. You can use that section you vent your opinion about pretty much anything in the world, unless it's about a particular user on this forum of course. Threads with random smileys etc serve no purpose. Forum games are still allowed, I consider them as "community threads".
  5. A smiley one will probably be junked, I hate depends on what it's about, if it's another member then yes but if it's something like "I hate cats because" then a story then no. If it's just I hate cats :dawg: then yeah it'll be junked.
  6. Please, please destroy the stupid "Application to be a..." threads.

    Good call Crayo :jericho:
  7. R.I.P MikeDAWT :sad:
  8. Cleaned.
  9. Goodbye Kyle and Mike.
  10. tempted to junk every thread Mike. has ever made.
  11. I doubt any of you will even make it into the group as you all tend to be quality users who abide by the few rules we have, but it's just here as a precaution.

    Mmmm you better tag @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage] and @[AidsJohnson] in this thread.

  12. Savage never makes LQ threads, like ever. Aids has a few flame replies but he thinks before he posts now as he's probably fed up with me junking everything he says.

    Whilst I'm in this thread, if you want to post something LQ, use the Legends section.
  13. They both follow most rules fine, the only thing you're trying to do is provoke a response lol.
  14. Savages threads are actually surprisingly HQ for the LR.
  15. My first thread tonight when I get home is going to be fuck miz. :haha: junk the battleship thread, as miz flames like when crayo does dressup night for xanth on skype. Just don't put the user group over nwo when I lead the charge :true:

    So long kyle and themikedawt.
  16. :(( But not everyone has Legend. We have rights to make LQ posts, ya know!
  17. What about posting random pictures in the locker room?
  18. alright


    I don't have any threads?
  19. Nice we have the same sig. Where are all your post likes and rep?
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