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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 22, 2012.

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  2. Looks ugly...thought that would be the side plate. I actually prefer the spinner championship now...
  3. I really hope it debuts soon.
  4. Omg, Punk wins at NoC, debuts new belt on the RAW after, gets Cena to kiss it when calling Punk the best in the world...
  5. I don't think diamonds are a good touch for a man's belt
  6. Is this not a big sign that he's keeping the belt though?
  7. will be glad to see the old belt go
  8. Yes, because the spinner championship is John Cena's belt. I can't see him changing his own championship to something like this after he wins.
  9. I hate the spinner belt :bury:
  10. Exactly. I'm more optimistic for Punk's reign now :obama:
  11. Crayo, I believe you missed the ... #TeamOptimism
  12. Are you part of the legendary #TeamOptimism?
  13. Team Optimistic is WWEForums version of The Bushwackers
  14. I am indeed. #TeamOptimism
  15. Team optimism not team optimistic, noob!
  16. :haha: Noob? I'm not the one marking Sheamus or having a man crush on him.
  17. Team Optimistic?? :facepalm1:
  18. Oh hell no Evee!!
  19. Stfu Sheamful Crayo, you can't even spell 'Eevee' :lol2:
  20. :facepalm1: It's Eevee not Evee noob
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