Update on Ric Flair.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 24, 2012.

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  1. PWMania
  2. Just thought I'd put the commercials here in case people wanted to see them ;o

  3. Ric Flair is so awesome :baws: Wooo!
  4. Oh fuck, this shit again... Sigh.

    Hey Triple H! Do you even know how to spell "business?" What would signing (and probably pushing) Ric Flair do for WWE, besides having another one of your cronies around and having a personal yes-man that the powers that be won't say "no" to? The man's 73 years old and can't take a simple bump without injuring himself! He can be a good mouthpiece, but for who? Miz, Dolph, Cody, Wade, Bryan, Henry, Jericho? LOL that would be such a waste! There's hardly a heel on the roster (who WWE remembers is there) that need one, unless they already have one in Vickie or A.W.

    Guess he can ride in Del Rio's car, or, god forbid, actually give a rub to Mcintyre. Otherwise he can get as far away from WWE as possible and take his egomanical buddy with him.

    Rant over.

  6. He mumbles incoherently... with charisma!
  7. I'd use him to feed to Ambrose.

    Give Ambrose a gimmick where he takes out those who are bad role models like he's currently doing with Mick. But Ambrose ofc keeps his psychotic gimmick.

  8. this is what i hear when i listen to him


  9. Flair is GOD. He's living his life and gimmick, and businessmen still want him and pay him well. What. A. Boss.
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  10. I'm looking, and he's still on the roster page, but he'll probably be moved anytime soon.

    Fuck it, it was fun to see him these past two years in IMPACT, some terrific promos and moments, but the show must go on. :baws:
  11. And SHEEEEEIIIIIT, we never got that epic Flair vs. Steiner promo battle. It would be BERING for the sake of BERING.
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  12. Steiner can't lose promo battles.
  13. Does Flair have twitter? Maybe they unite and bash Hogan and Eric together! :steiner:
  14. Lol @ him being out of breath before he even speaks. Old man is old. :dawg:
  15. Show Spoiler
  16. Rofl ^^^^^^^^^
  17. I'm still waiting for Flair to have a match with himself. blade his dome, bleed profusely and a earn 5 star for the ages.
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  18. Ric Flair is a baws. :baws:
  19. :lol1: Now that's one helluva proposition.
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