Update on Rosa Mendes' Status with WWE

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  1. As reported earlier, Rosa Mendes was sent home from WWE's ongoing European tour. WWE issued a statement to online news outlets stating, "Rosa Mendes left the international tour for personal reasons."

    According to the Wrestling Observer, Mendes was "partying too much on the tour," with one company source describing her as "a mess." Talent and other employees were under the belief that she would probably not rejoin the company on the road for a while, but also mentioned that she has not been suspended.

    PWInsider.com noted that Mendes has a history of similar issues, which prompted company officials to send her back home.

    Mendes addressed the matter on Twitter, writing, "Just wanted to let all my #Mendesluverz that I'm ok. I had to take care of some personal matters. Thank you for all your support. Love you."

    Mendes manages the real-life cousin tandem of Primo and Epico, and is considered the star of the group due to her appearance and charisma. Though Primo and Epico are well-liked within the company and considered good workers, the general feeling is that they lack charisma and therefore aren't heavily promoted.
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  2. Then get Rose Mendes away from them and put her somewhere else! If they're going nowhere at the moment even with her there to help shine a light on them, then get her away from them.​
  3. Oh no! Come back! Get ove-argh!! The fuck I was going to give just ran off. Oh well.
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  4. You know that one guy who is "drug free, except on the weekends, and special occasions, and with other friends, and whenever he's depressed... but yeah he rarely uses illegal drugs"... That's Meltzer.

    +1 for those fucking tags.
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  5. Wouldn't really mind if Rosa was released, she can't wrestle nor talk very well.