News Update on Subscriber count

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. A little over 2 months ago at the end of January on the 27th, Vince McMahon announced that the WWEN at just hit a tiny bit over 1 million subscribers.. another update has been released after the conclusion of Wrestlemania 31 and the number of subscribers now stands at 1.3 million. Basically a 300k population increase, which isn't bad in 2 months considering how their numbers rose during the inaugural year of the Network.
  2. this is pretty good for the network but anyone care to guess the drop after WM?
  3. Considering their stock just dropped rapidly, I would say the drop is gonna be huge.
  4. I guess it's an expected spike in business due to WM season. Nothing new, really.
  5. Curious to see if #CancelWWENetwork is gonna become a thing again next year if Bryan doesn't win the Rumble. lol
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  6. I assume it will follow that pattern. Although the stock has taken a plunge, it's higher than it was prior to the Road to Wrestlemania. But it grew as Wrestlemania approached and seems to be going down.

    I'd assume the decrease in both are expected but that they hope that the post Wrestlemania baseline for subscribers and the stock price is higher than the pre Wrestlemania baseline. Even with a drop, they are way ahead in subscribers than they were at this time last year.
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