Update on Taker's status

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. If true that means he's planning on finishing 21-0 or 20-1, it just doesn't feel right.
  2. Now the debate will start, does punk deserve to beat taker?

    Does anyone for that matter?

    This could get interesting.
  3. Lol who cares if it's 21 or 20 -- the higher the better imo. Glad to see he's expected to be there next year. I'd rather him not be at this years Wrestlemania to be honest.
  5. To be fair I think it'd drive my OCD insane, but I would rather see Taker one more time in an angle I'm interested in. Taker/HHH for the last two years has sucked for me (apart from the matches).
  6. It's said that Taker does not want to come back and have to fake his way through a mediocre match, which is why his status is up in the air.


    Punk mark and I dont want im to finish the streak
  7. I don't think Taker'll face Punk at next year's Wrestlemania because I thought there was plans for him to face Austin at next year's mania. I could see Taker taking on Lesnar since Taker never got to fight Brock again because of an injury he sustained a couple years ago.
  8. I would suggest Taker vs Lesnar but that would be torture for Taker.
  9. Well, if he doesn't work this year, I'm alright with it. I guess we can already start discussing Taker/Cena at 30 then.
  10. Him finishing at 21-0 or 20-1 makes sense. The idea that he's made it to 20-0 and now he has one last match to see whether he can go one number past the 20-0 milestone or not. If he fights both this year and next, then going to 22-0 is a bit weird but who cares about the number anyway.

    I'm sure Taker could handle a match with Brock considering his last two matches with HHH were also very physical. But whether he fights this year or not, I think Wrestlemania 30 will definitely be when he hangs them up. It fits well with it being the 30th year annual Wrestlemania event and all.
  11. I've put no consideration in the fact that it'd be 21-0 . I didn't think that it would matter if it's a round number or not, it's one of, if not the greatest accomplishments in professional wrestling. I wonder if they drew it up that way in the beginning.
  12. Punk has come a long way but for HBK not to beat him and Punk beat him... I am a huge Punk fan and that don't seem right.
  13. His first few opponents were shit so he had to go over, then they probably realized he hadn't lost a bunch and decided to make it a streak.
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